Nikon Z6iii is coming

So by Monday next week we will finally now all about the long rumoured Nikon Z6 mark iii.

This is a tough camera for Nikon, its typically been the cheaper enthusiast camera, those that want something more capable then the base models Z50 and Z5 but cannot afford the Z8, Z9.

Its also been the faster more video focussed brother to the Z7.

Make it too good, it will be too expensive, you might as well pick up a Z8. Aimed at the cheaper end of the market and Nikon haters will say Nikon cannot make a decent mid prices camera.

We will see where they go with this but its a tricky balancing act.

Canon R1 Development announcement

Its been a long wait, and for Canon users they have had the capable R5 and R3 available; but we finally have the pro R1 development announcement.

There’s going to be a lot of hype, and a lot of negativity around this, but we have to remember who its for and the field of work the EOS 1 targeted.

Do not expect a high megapixel global shutter monster; this will be a very solid very capable mid megapixel camera that will work in any environment and not let press or sport photographers down. If they want high MP they will reach for the R5.

no picture of the month

Personal life has been too busy this month so very little work done worth showing so here’s a few from the archive. Toni model was retiring so this was our last shoot. No real idea except sunglasses as a theme.

Firmware updates, remember to check for your older cameras / flashes

I have a couple of big shoots this month, so checking batteries, memory cards etc is on my mind. If you have a current camera then social media is quite good at notifying you if there is firmware update. Camera brands like Fuji got a good reputation with there continued support of older models and fresh firmware bringing fixes and new features where the hardware could support it. Its something that Nikon have been pushing as well with recent updates to the Z9 and Z8 but also the Zfc and ZF.

Its quite easy though to forget about your older generation cameras so do remember to check you manufactures website. I thought my Leica M10 was up to date but a quick check last week showed a new firmware. No real new features, then the M series are not built on there feature set, but there was a new firmware with support for lens profiles for new lens.

So do check. Its also worth checking your flashes but for some brands that can be difficult; that’s one thing I like about Profoto, turn on fire up the app and it will tell you if there is something new and its quick and easy to up date.

Outdoor shooting and weather

While we get some good days in winter, model shoots are not the first type of photography that comes to mind.

Now with spring here and some nicer days I am starting to look at planning a few location shoots. Its always good to have alternative plans but sometimes you just have to go for it.

Camera choice – what inspires you to shoot

During this last winter, while walking Ted the Greyhound around the local Lincolnshire Villages I have been carrying the little Leica M10. Shooting scenes like the one above.

The Nikon’s have been seeing little use except for studio work.

Lots of fashion and some personal projects in the studio. Hardly using a Nikon Z camera to its limits. In fact they have been set to base ISO of 64, f/8 and 1/200 for optimum quality.

One soon starts to lose how to use some of the advance features of the camera unless you practice.

So on a few recent walks I have been taking the Nikon Z7, switching between modes, trying different things, to get the hang on the camera again.

As they say practice makes perfect.

Early morning dog walks

Walking Ted the Greyhound early one morning with the Leica M over my shoulder I spotted the moon coming out of the clouds.

As I walked over the fields I kept looking for some nice foreground, just as the scene started to improve the clouds came in and spoilt it somewhat.

Still I got a few pleasing images.

Time to try some wildlife photography again

It will not be long before the herons start to visit the local parks and build there nests.

Getting out and shooting wildlife used to be something I used to do many weekends. An early start and out to a local park with a suitable lake.

I think as I get older getting up early and facing the cold is less appealing. Not knowing while your there if the light and wildlife will coincide to enable some decent photographs, but when it does your glad you did it.