Leica M-D Released

Leica M-D

Today Leica took the brave (or some would say foolish) step of releasing a Leica Digital M with no rear screen.  This is a mainstream model and not a special edition.

Like I said when the rumours started to appear, I like the concept.  For my personal work that involves wandering around the streets of Lincoln, shooting street, it would be a fun and simple camera, just concentrating on the important things.  With this type of photography you generally only get one chance of capturing the moment anyway so not being able to chimp at the screen is not an issue.

The problem is it could not be my main Leica rangefinder.  As I use the rangefinder for portrait work and need to get the image right, checking the histogram is important to me.  With Leica M’s being the price they are I can only really afford one digital M, so its hard to justify this one.

Thunderbolt 3 – Connectors, Connectors and Connectors

MacbookWe used to have serial, parallel, and of course keyboard and then mouse ports.  Lets not forget Video and of course SCSI for high bandwidth.

Since then computers have gradually improved with display port, HDMI, USB 1, 2, oh and firewire 1, and 2.

It seems a never-ending race.  Different parties pushing different standards and every few years you have to buy new devices etc.

Apple for a long time have been at the forefront of this race.  Firewire which they created with Sony never got widespread adoption but has been much better then USB 1 or 2, and lets not get started with the abomination that is the USB 3, its a horrid connector with decent bandwidth.

Thunderbolt which Apple developed and handed over to Intel to push is now leading the standard to unify all these different connectors.  It can carry power, video, do USB 3 and backwards.  It has the same connector as USB-C and so finally we may get one connector and cable that can do everything. The only problem is now waiting for the chipsets and computers to support all of this.

When they arrive its likely we will see more computers like the new Apple MacBook with the USB-C connect that we can use for anything we want.  Roll on the future.


Leica M-D Typ 262 camera?

Leica M 60It looks like the Leica M-D rumours are true with pictures now starting to appear (the picture above is the limited edition M60).

In case you need a reminder the M-D is a more affordable M60, a Leica with no rear LCD screen.

Its sounds weird but I quite like the sound of it.  The problem is while it would be fine for personal snapshots I would not be able to use it for important shots.  Being able to review images is nice but more importantly checking the histogram and checking for blown highlights is more important.

Portrait Styles though the Years

I find it very interesting how portrait styles have changed over the years.


The last few years has seen the high-key and white background type of shot as the must portrait, though I prefer the more natural environmental style.

With it being the queen’s birthday this week there has been a lot of images being shown and its been great to see how formal portraits have changed of the last ninety years.

Corporate Portraits and a Nikon workflow 

Tuesday saw me shoot a few on location corporate portraits. 

I shot jpg & RAW (NEF) using a Nikon D800 with the jpg’s going to SD card the RAW to CF card. 

While still on site I uploaded the jpg’s to my iPad Pro 9.7 and into Adobe Lightroom. 

I then gave them a quick rating. 

Once home, I imported the RAW’s into the Desktop version and had the import process drop them into a collection and sync with Creative Cloud.   Once imported and backed up I left the desktop to render full sized images and went to bed. 

While in bed I grabbed the iPad and sync’ed the ratings between the jpg’s and RAW files. 

I then chose my selects and picks dropped then to separate collections and set the white balance on them all. 

Tomorrow night I hit my desktop and edit my picks that will be sat there waiting for me. 

Now if only Adobe would let me set meta data on the iPad. 

Family News – Garden Update

We now have a shiny new six foot fence around the garden which looks a lot better and more importantly Timmy the Greyhound can now do zoomies round the garden in safety. 

This meant we could also put the composter back together and I could cut the grass for the first time this year. 

I also started sowing our third crop of the season. The onions and garlic are already in, and as we are still having the odd frost in the morning I decided to sow some peas in trays and put them in the cold frame. 

Leica 35mm Summilux T Lens

This lens designed for the Leica T has a field of view of about 50mm.  As reviews start to appear it’s made quite a impact.

The T lens do produce great results but many users were upset that Leica had software correction to improve the results and to over come some issues.

Leica built quite a reputation with their M and R lens. Back when we shot film post lens correction was not possible.  Film was more forgiving and people forget that with digital sensors some type of correction is generally required.

So no matter what lens you use there will be some correction going on.

For those who do not like software correction then possibly manufacturers could put options  in their cameras to turn off and to control the strength. Even better go back to real RAW files without correction and have the correction controllable in your RAW processing software.