Photo of the Month – September

MagnaCarta800Leica M8.2
Leica Elmar-M 24mm f/3.8 ASPH
24mm, 1/750 Sec at f/5.7, ISO160
Post Processed in Adobe Lightroom CC2015.1.1
On a MacBook Pro, OS-X 10.11.0

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RedIn the uphill area of Lincoln is a gallery called ‘The Little Red Gallery'; I have a number of ideas for photographs based on people walking past this gallery but have yet to pull any of them off.  I may have to bite the bullet and book a model as the arrangement I want is yet to happen.


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OS X 10.11.0 El Capitan

OS X 10.11This weekend I updated my seven year old MacBook Pro to OS X 10.11.0 El Capitan.

The issue found initially was that Dropbox would not work, I visited their website and downloaded the latest client and after that things were fine.

So far apart from the usual built in apps, like Safari and Mail I have only tested Adobe Lightroom 2015.1.1.  So far no issues.  I still have lots of things to test but once I have proved all my key apps and also the screen calibrater, Wacom tablet and Epson printer and scanner work, i’ll risk updating my main work machine the MacPro once OS X 10.11.1 is released.


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Barrons on Parade

Barrons on Parade-2
Barrons on ParadeThis week the Lincoln Barron’s were collected together and were all on show in Lincoln Castle.  They have been a terrific success this summer bringing people into the city and getting them to explorer.  This week the Barron’s are all being auctioned off for charity and this will be the last time they are seen together.


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Apple Releases OS X 10.11

Apple released the latest version of OS X its called El Capitan an odd name but there are making some bold claims for this minor OS update. 

The big thing for graphic users is Metal a new API layer to access the graphics card. Apple claim 40-60% speed improvement and Adobe after testing an optimised version of Photoshop are backing that claim. 

I will not be risking my work machine until OS 10.11.1 is released but I may upgrade my laptop this weekend and test all my apps. 

I cannot risk breaking printing, screen calibrating software and my Wacom tablet. So testing on another machine or cloning your hard drive and testing on a spare is always a good idea. 

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Solar Panels

I get a few people tell me there is no point in having Solar Panels in this country, too wet, cold and cloudy. 

It’s true in the winter I’ll not be generating much but in the Summer I consistently top 0.5 mega watt hours a month. 

So this Monday morning at dawn, I was quite supposed to see in the low light and thick Autumn fog the system was producing 60 watt hours which was more then enough to power our lights if not the kettle for morning coffee. 

As the light levels climbed we nearly got to a kilowatt hour in the morning fog which I was very impressed with. 

Every little helps. 

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Apple Release iOS9.0.1

imagesApple released iOS 9.0.1 yesterday and I see it should have fixed the issue that prevented me from upgrading my iPhone 5.  I’ll be waiting until the weekend before trying and i’ll be having a good read on the forums to see what issues people are having.

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Leica Press Conference – 20th October 2015

My LeicasLeica have announced a press conference for the 20th October, I am hoping its going to be to announce the new M but there is a rumour going round of a new full frame autofocus mirrorless camera.  Which ever, I look forward to seeing what they are going to release.


For more than 100 years, our thoughts and actions, and our passion, have been dedicated to only one thing – creating the perfect picture. With products that are always focused on “Das Wesentliche”, the essentials, we provide photographers around the world with the ideal tools for capturing the decisive moment and for bringing their own vision to life. This tradition is what drives us to achieve and gives us the power to reinvent ourselves time and again. The outcome is a portfolio of cameras and lenses that redefine the status quo as we know it and have one thing in common, despite a century of progress: a focus on “Das Wesentliche” – in other words, the picture.

We cordially invite you to a celebration of photography in the the spirit of “Das Wesentliche”. From October 20, 6:30 p.m. on until October 21, approximately 1:00 p.m, everything in the Leitz Park in Wetzlar will revolve around the fascinating nature of pictures and the exclusive presentation of a new milestone in the Leica Camera product range. Be one of the first to experience the next chapter in the history of professional photography, a historic moment that begins right here and now and will shape the future. Enjoy a delightful atmosphere and a special photographic program with friends of Leica, photographers, artists, media, and prominent and international guests – in other words, with all those who, just like you, breathe life into the fascination that is Leica.


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Wifi Calling

If like me you live in a remote village then mobile phone coverage is limited.  The last few versions of the iPhone have supported WiFi calling but its a feature that few carriers seem to want to implement for their customers.

Orange or as its now known EE turned it on earlier this year but only for customers who bought there phones from them.

I switched to Vodafone last year as its the only network I could get any cover in my village but even then its touch and go.  Well they have now announced wifi calling starting this month so I wait for a carrier update but I am not too hopefull as there website says its going to be for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus only.  Lets hope that’s not true.

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Upgrading my Apple AirPort Extreme 

I purchased a new Apple AirPort Extreme this week. The idea is to move the old one into the end room recently decorated, which together with the two AirPort Expresses, covering my office and master bedroom would cover the whole house. 

As I often am with Apple I was very surprised at the ease at which things went. 

I plugged in and the AirPort Utility on the Mac discovered the new device and gave me three options. 

  • Migrate setting from Existing AirPort Extreme and replace
  • Add to existing network
  • Setup as a new network

I took the first option and after a few minutes it prompted me to transfer the cables from the external harddisk and BT router from the old AirPort to the new. This I did and after a few minutes everything was back up and running on the new device. 

I then ran the wizard and added the old Airport in to the existing network as a wireless extender. Once setup I unplugged the old AirPort and plugged it into the room. 


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