Wedding Day

Our nephew Thomas got married this weekend.  I as a guest could enjoy myself instead over having to work like I normally do for weddings.

For wedding photography I usually go to my Nikon D800’s.  In recent years I have never seen a wedding photographer use anything else but Canon 1D’s or 5D’s, Nikon D3’s or Nikon D800’s.  Over half of all wedding photographers use Canon 5D’s and there is a good reason for that.

As a guest I could not resist taking a few snaps with my Leica M10.  Background reportage shots is what the Leica is built for.  Its a brave photographer who would use a Leica M for professional wedding photographer but I know of a few who do.

Thanks to Tom and Gemma for a wonderful day and we wish you the very best.

Lincoln Knights

A couple of years ago Lincoln had the idea of ‘The Barron’s trail’.  An exploration for tourists around Lincoln to find the painted Barrons.

This year we are having the Knights trail, where you can wonder around Lincoln finding the painted themed Knights.  Linked to this, this weekend is the celebration of the Battle of Lincoln.  A key date in British history.

What Portrait Lens for the Leica M

Window Light, Leica M8, Summicron 35mm

Over the last couple of years I have been considering a portrait lens for my Leica.

The top shot was a 35mm lens on a 1.3x crop Leica M8 so really close to 50mm.  For full length or cropped above the knee; 50mm is a good choice.  Below is a shot of Bonnie with my M10 and a 50mm Summilux, if you compare it with the top shot you can see its very similar and gives a pleasing perspective.

For head shots and close face crops, a 50mm distorts the face a little so a longer length is preferred.

I have portrait lens for my SLR and medium format gear but not for my Leica.  Leica currently make two lens you would consider portrait lens.  A 75mm and a 90mm.

I am torn between wanting the longer length of the 90mm and wanting the speed and easy of focus of the 75mm.

I’ll have do some testing with my SLR and zoom to get a feel of the two lengths and see what I prefer.


A Week a Home

We now have a week at home to look forward to.  The plan is to decorate the kitchen, or at least paint the walls and ceiling.  The woodwork and a new floor is for a later date.

With having the day off we stopped for lunch at the village pub and I imagine later in the week we will be visiting the tea room.