New Leica M10 Firmware

A new version of firmware has been released for the Leica M10.  I have not installed it yet just downloaded it and the pdf to see what it does.  It seems to mainly increase compatibility with more and fast, larger cards.


Compact Camera or Phone?

Having my Leica as my general camera, I do sometimes wish for an autofocus compact for quick snapshots, but do we need then now with todays smartphones?

A small portable high quality camera is always necessary and this is fulfilled by my Leica but with it not being autofocus it is not always the best option for quick snapshots.

Nik Software and Photoshop plug-ins

Coffee and Cameras – Nikon V1 10mm f/2.8

Obsillescence is always an issue with computing and now in digital photography.  I used to Nik software for a while, the black and white module that plugged into Lightroom was very affective.  Now that Nik has been bought by Google we get no more updates and as Adobe continue to update their products the old plug-ins get broken.

I suppose that is life now, and why I am trying to do most of my editing now with just Lightroom and Photoshop and no other third party software.

Another Year and another OS X now MacOS release coming soon

OS X – Ten Years Old

I generally update my laptops fairly quickly but my main desktop only gets updated after lots of testing.

This year MacOS gets two significant updates under the hood.  The new file system which I am very excited about but possibly more critical for us users is the fact that support for 32-bit applications gets dropped in this version.

You might want to review your critical software before updating.

More rumours of new Leica TL and a price cut

Lots of rumours of a new model the 5370 from Leica are now appearing.  The Leica T was refreshed to the TL last year, but this was more software then an actual upgrade.  Lots of government websites show a new Leica model using the code 5370 has now been registered so it should only be another couple months.