Nikon D850 – The latest Mega Pixel Monster

Sony, Canon and Nikon seem to be leading the megapixel race at the moment.  The D800 series while not always as high resolution as the Canon 5D, leads in dynamic range when considering the high resolution options.  The Sony mirrorless gives you a slightly small body option.

Its hard to think about Medium Format when you have bodies as capable as those.

My digital work is now all Nikon D800 and Leica M10, 35mm full frame 36 MP and 24 MP.  I generally shoot the Medium Format and Large Format just for fun.  When looking at cost and resolution 35mm seems to be winning the war, unless you need a 100 or 200 MP Medium Format monster.


Camera Gear – Large and Small

This last week travelling around Suffolk, I took photographs with my Leica M10, M4 and Hasselblad V.

It made me think about equipment size.

The whole reason 35mm camera became so popular starting with the Leica, then the Nikon F SLR and on to the Canon F1, T90 and EOS 1, was there small light size.

With digital we got a huge jump in size; the current Nikon D5 and Canon EOS 1D are very heavy and much more difficult to handle then my old Hasselblad V.  Even my large format camera the Ebony is lighter and easier to carry then my Nikon D800’s.

Its easy to see why MicroFourThirds is so popular, small and light has a lot going for it.

Southwold Beach and some gentle HDR

We visited Southwold several times during our stay in the area and I decided to shoot a couple of comparison shots from the pier.

This first one is a quick snap while just on the pier. The second one below is a three bracket Adobe Lightroom HDR Merge from the end of the pier so a slightly different view point. The HDR is Lightroom is very gentle and avoids the in the face painted and grunge look that many HDR programs can cause if not used carefully.

Yoxford Antiques Centre and Gardens and Stonham Barns

Our first trip out was to the Yoxford Antiques Centre, while Timmy the Greyhound was not allowed into the Antiques centre, they did have some nice gardens to explore with Timmy while the other looked around the centre.

A little further along was Stonham Barns Retail Village, lots of small units and a car collection of vintage Vauxhall’s.

There was a little pet shop selling home made dog treats so we indulged Timmy, and I managed to find a book shop which had a copy of Bob Carlos Clarke’s ‘The Dark Summer’.  If your into striking photography get a copy the mix of nude and fashion with a dark twist is fantastic.

Arrival in Suffolk

We have arrived at our holiday cottage where we will be spending the next week.  Caroline’s sister came down to our bungalow yesterday and will be looking after the place and feeding our chickens and looking after Oz the Cornsnake while we are away. 

It’s a pleasant little village with a shop, cafe, Chinese takeaway and a chip shop.  So we have all we need.  There is also a little sewing shop so Caroline is more then happy. 

Camera wants and Camera Needs

Get the Light Close - edit completed
Get the Light Close – edit completed
Have you ever sat down and looked at the photographs you take and thought ‘what camera equipment do I actually need?’.


Looking thought my old photographs, then you get the categories Studio, Wildlife, Landscape and Street.

HDR - Standing Stones of Lewis

If I listed the cameras and the cameras needed to achieve these goals it would be a pretty small list.

But if you listed the cameras I wanted to achieve these goals it would be a far greater list.

Young Steam Punk

Sometimes standing back and really looking at the sort of photography you do can really but a dent in you wants list.

Packing Light

Our first week of the holiday is now nearly over. Tomorrow we start the second part, and we head off to Suffolk. 

As Timmy the Greyhound is coming with us I’ll need to pack light. I want to shoot some of the ruined abbeys that are in the area so I have decided to pack the Hasselblad and my two Leica’s. 

If the light is good I’ll be using the Hasselblad and the Leica M10, but if things turn dull and overcast I’ll be shooting Kodak Tri-X with he Leica M4.

The Great Lincolnshire Greyhound Gathering 2017

It was the Louth Hound Show this weekend and incorporated into this was the Great Lincolnshire Greyhound Gathering of 2017, so of course we had to take Timmy the Greyhound to meet his friends.

There was stands from various Greyhound charities.  If your after a dog and but think a dog will not suite your lifestyle then look into adopting a Greyhound.  It was a hound show and most of the sight hounds were there, but there was also an open category for none hounds.We bought Timmy a few treats and bits and bobs; we also spotted Greyhound Onesies!  A lot of dog owners dress up there dogs and it seems hounds now are no exception!