Taking a break

Theres a lot going on in the Brown Family Household at the moment, and with all the extra demands on my time i’ll be taking a break from social media somewhat and this blog.  I’ll still be posting the picture of the month and the odd update but they will be far fewer then they used to be.

Timmy’s Been to the Dentist

We dropped Timmy the Greyhound of at the Vets on Wednesday to have a few teeth out.

I collected him today and spent the day with him, working from home. Its going to be tough for both of us not giving in and giving him treats, but its soft food only for about a week now.

Falcon Heavy

I have been looking forward to Space X’s Falcon Heavy test launch.  Its been hit my delay after delay, but in the end it was a wonderful test, an amazing launch, and landing two out of the three boosters was an amazing and fantastic sight to see.

Using the original Tesla Roadster as a test payload was also an inspired bit of advertising which will certain do Space X’s sister company Tesla, no harm at all.


Today we have the day off as we spent the night watching the American Super Bowl.  It was a classic match, while I wanted the Eagles to win, I did not expect them to be able to overcome the might of New England, especially with the Eagles having a back up quarter back.  They surprised me and it was a great game with the Eagles pulling through.

Noctilux 75mm in M Mount

We have seen a number of number of interesting new lens and another classic re-release recently from Leica for the SL range and the M range.  We now have a few reviews starting to appear.  Apart from the classic lens, the one new lens that does interest me is the 75mm Noctilux-M.  To be honest I cannot justify the price of the 75mm but it is an interesting lens.  If you want to  know more check out Jonathan Slack’s website