Photo of the Month – July

Leica M10
Leica Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH 6-Bit 
50mm, 1/350 Sec at f/3.5 (est),  ISO200
and a second image at 1/180 Sec

Post Processed in Adobe Lightroom Classic V9.3, using a HDR merge of the two exposures.

Nikon’s Latest – The D6

The release of a professional Nikon was always exciting and something I looked forward to.

The Film range were got better each year, maybe the autofocus F4 was a little lacklustre compared to Canon but all the F range had something to recommend them.

With the release of the Nikon D1 we had the worlds first professional digital camera, the D2 were the speed demons, and then came the D3, the camera that stole the crown back from Canon.

Since then each release has tried to increase the megapixel count, increase the focus speed but still keep what made the D3 so good, its insane low light performance.

If your a sports or photo journalist then get the new D6, for the rest of us who maybe want something else then speed you may want to look at the D8** range.

Leica Press Conference Thursday 16th July

I love my Leica M10, whilst there maybe better carry everywhere cameras (the Leica Q and Leica CL come to mind), I find it an accomplished camera.

If the rumour is true we will be getting an M10 with a higher resolution sensor. My Leica M10 is currently 24MP and my Nikon D800 is 36MP, but many of the latest cameras are now up to 50MP so for many an update is needed.

Leica M10 – in the coffee shop

As a walk around camera the M10 at 24MP is currently enough for me, when I start to look at replacing my main studio camera I’ll be looking for something in the 50MP plus range.