Leica P Release

When Leica release a new M a couple of years later they release the P version. In general its the same camera with stronger rear glass screen, no red dot and occasionally a bigger buffer.

Back when the original M8; the first digital M was released they released the M8.2 to address its short comings. Since the M9 the P has not needed to address any short comings just bring a few enhancements.

Leica M8 with 8.2 upgrades

This year we see the release of the M10P and this time Leica have made some real improvements, a new shutter and now with a touch screen. Yes you heard right, a Leica M with a touch screen.

There are also some rumours of a new Leica M mount camera that will have a EVF. Many have asked Leica for EVF; it would not be an M but would be a useful addition to the family.

Leica M10, Window Shopping

Leica SL2 now released

So the SL2 from Leica is now available. The erganomics have been tweaked to make it feel better in the hand and its now definitely got a Leica R series look. It seems to have the same killer sensor as in the Leica Q2. At 47 MP its a rival to many medium format cameras, and with the micro-lens to allow Leica M lens, this is a camera that will take with adapters just about any lens you can buy.

Leica kept the same battery and it works with all the original accessories.

If I wanted a studio / portrait camera, this and the Hasselblad X1D II would be at the top of my list.

High Street Wandering – Copper Look

Leica M10 – Copper Chairs

I try at least twice a week to have a wander around Lincoln while carrying my camera. Lately its been a struggle to find a dry day with at least a touch of sun, but this last couple of weeks between the cold and heavy rain there has been a few opportunities.

a new laptop – research in progress

So I said I would be looking out for a new laptop and I am. Its really a difficult choose. Previously I have always bought close to the top of the range and this has seen me through quite well.

For the type of work I do editing in Lightroom and Photoshop with a powerful machine is ideal. But can I bring myself to have a lower powered laptop and use my desktop machine for the power work.

Its a difficult ask as buying a less powerful laptop seems like throwing money away.

I generally process 24 and 36 Mega Pixel photographs, while the thought of using a smaller lighter machine is tempting, Adobe have updated Lightroom recently to make better use and off load cpu intensive tasks to the graphics card. This makes buying the 15 inch laptop with the better graphics card an easier choice, but you looking at a grand (£1000) more for the purchase.

While I have to admit that buying high end in the past has worked well, my previous laptop is over eleven years old and has lasted well; the high end for Apple is relatively good value, its there low end machines are not good value. Her in the UK with BREXIT on the way the pound is devaluing fast and I can justify purchasing high end again.

Its a tough choice and one I will be making in the next few weeks.

13 inch or 15 inch MacBook Pro? Or go super light with an air, which is still more capable then my current machine.

Reduced Resolution – Or whats going on?

While having a good sort through of my Photographs for 2019, I was surprised to come across a file type I was not expecting.

DNG Negative / Reduced Resolution

What was going on? Well it seems while I was playing with some of my smart phone applications and downloading photographs and syncing back to Adobe Cloud, I had somehow downloaded a few with the app settings not set to download full RAW.

Luckily I had backups and copies but it was a bit worrying. From now on I am going to be much more careful how I import files into Lightroom and ensure I get the full RAW’s all the time.

Choosing a new Laptop

Keeping up to date with the editing is getting to be a struggle. Locking myself away in the office every night is hardly being social with the family and while my MacPro Desktop is more then capable, for light organisation work and sorting my picks and selects a laptop is more useful to me.

My old laptop as I often mention is now eleven years old and is not really up to the job of running Lightroom for even light importing and sorting work, so a new laptop is now definitely on the cards.

For a long time I have liked the MacBook Air, and this years 2019 model is more then capable enough for light work, but I would upgrade it to 1 Tb SSD storage and 16 Gb of RAM. Once thats done there is not much difference in price to the new 2019 Macbook Pro; at least the low end version which would still beat in performance every machine we have at home with the exception to my desktop and this model give significant multicore performance gains over the air.

I’ll be visiting the local Storm Front shop and getting my hands on both. I still have a question over screen size, I do like my 15 inch screen but for a MacBook Pro of that size your talking serious money.

Waiting by the Bank

Leica M10 50mm Summilux-M ASPH

We have had some hot weather recently and its always a challenge taking photographs in very high contrast situations like this when its really sunny.

Choosing an ISO that maximises your dynamic range is the first thing to remember, and if your shooting portraits professionally in this type of situation then I under expose slightly and use fill in flash. You need a camera with a high sync speed to do this.

Photo of the Month – July (yes one from May again)

Leica M10
Leica Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH 6-Bit 
50mm, 1/350 Sec at f/3.5 (est),  ISO200
Post Processed in Adobe Lightroom CC (playing with the cloud version)

OK so I am cheating again and using one from the archives. Since May I have only work for customers that I cannot publish and have just had no time for personal work. Together with the fact I am way behind in my editing, not having a laptop that can do the job any more. So again another street shot from the archives.

This was a test looking at the difference in dynamic range from ISO 100 and ISO 200 in bright sun. The base ISO of the Leica is rumoured to be about 160, but only 100 and 200 ISO is available. Reports are that dynamic range is better at 200, so I have been shooting more of my work at 200 ISO to see and evaluate.

This was also an experiment in using Adobe Lightroom CC and not the full classic version. Being very familiar with Classic, I struggle a little with the interface but it can be useful for quick edits when using my wife’s laptop.