Charting my Exercise

As with many people now, I chart my exercise and general fitness with a smart watch.

I have tried to work hard and the other week I managed to complete all my challenges every day for all seven days. Now I have come down with a nasty cough and am not doing so well. Typically for me; try and get a bit fitter and end up with a cold.

Another Lightroom Update

While importing a few new pictures I took at lunchtime I spotted Adobe had another bug fix release for Lightroom. Good to see them keeping up with the updates. They are supposed to be doing some major work for speed which is definitely needed.

The Headphone Socket

The iPhone is the one device that is always with me.  As a consumer of many video blogs and podcasts, I make heavy use of the iPhone’s headphone socket.

This year will see my iPhone reach three year old so I may replace it and pass this onto Caroline.  As the latest iPhone and I am sure this years phone will not have a headphone socket, its time to order a set of the Apple AirPods.  While I could use the Lightning port, as a heavy user the port is better used for topping up my charge so I have plenty of charge through the day.  I often make trips out on the motorcycle and you always want a well charged phone available just in case.

Leica M10 Firmware

Its only been a few weeks since the last firmware update, which I have only got round to installing; and now we have another update.  This just fixes a minor underexpose issue that can sometimes occurs that was introduced in the last previous update.

The Green Revolution

Here at home we are now in our third year of home energy production.  Over the last few years despite the efforts of some governments backed by the fossil fuel industry the writing is on the wall for traditional energy production.  Solar and wind are now cheaper then coal.

If every home had its own solar, each village a wind turbine, large wind farms out at sea with tidal and wave generation and storage systems, the grid would be much cleaner and flexible.

Currently about a third of our carbon pollution comes from transport.  Its with a lot of interest I have been following the developments of the electric car.  Despite the general perception of the public, electric cars are more then suitable for the majority of us who need cars.  The cheaper electric cars whilst only having a range of around 100 miles are more then suitable for the typical commute that is generally under 25 miles a day.  With most families having a couple of cars they could easily replace one with a short range electric car.

If your an electric car doubter and think they lack performance, range and practicability,  I suggest you check out the YouTube videos for the Tesla S P100D.

The reason for this post is that on Friday the Tesla Model 3 went into production, the first ‘affordable’ mass produced electric car that can travel over 200 miles, charge up over night, so always a full tank when you start your journey and it has a network of superchargers across Europe allowing your to recharge while you have your lunch break.  With very low running costs and low emission (none at the tailpipe), even if you factor in a dirty electric grid which keeps getting cleaner, even on financial grounds not to mention air purity grounds, making our cities cleaner its hard to not think that green is the way to go.

Our car is now over fourteen years old and we will definitely be looking at a car with a plug for its replacement.  What I am really looking forward to is an affordable electric BMW GS, now that would be fun.

iPhone – 10 Years Old

You have probably heard that its the ten anniversary of the iPhone.

It now hard to now to remember what a revolutionary product it was.  I bought the first iPhone and was very pleased with it.  While it lacked many features of my previous Windows Phone, the ease of user and the ‘internet in you pocket’ was the killer feature.

Its also worth while remembering that in these ten years we still have not had a significant malware attack on iOS.

While people critic the locked down nature of the phones and the restrictions of the app store process it has succeeded to keep us safer.

I currently have the iPhone 6 which I am very happy with but might upgrade this year if the ten anniversary edition is something special.

Nik Software and Photoshop plug-ins

Coffee and Cameras – Nikon V1 10mm f/2.8

Obsillescence is always an issue with computing and now in digital photography.  I used to Nik software for a while, the black and white module that plugged into Lightroom was very affective.  Now that Nik has been bought by Google we get no more updates and as Adobe continue to update their products the old plug-ins get broken.

I suppose that is life now, and why I am trying to do most of my editing now with just Lightroom and Photoshop and no other third party software.

Another Year and another OS X now MacOS release coming soon

OS X – Ten Years Old

I generally update my laptops fairly quickly but my main desktop only gets updated after lots of testing.

This year MacOS gets two significant updates under the hood.  The new file system which I am very excited about but possibly more critical for us users is the fact that support for 32-bit applications gets dropped in this version.

You might want to review your critical software before updating.

Apple World Wide Developers Conference

Apple started their World Wide Developers Conference today and there was some exciting announcements for Mac’s and iOS.  The MacBook Pro got some nice updates as did the iMacs.  Hopefully we will see a new MacPro next year.

I was hoping to see the little MacBook updated.  Its been getting more powerful for light work since the last update, but it only has the one USB3.1 port, it really needs two Thunderbolt 3 ports to make it more useful for those wanting a small laptop to do occasional real work.

Village Events – The 2017 Duck Race

Saturday was the annual village duck race to raise money for the local primary school.

I was busy in the studio testing out my Leica M10, so Caroline and Timmy the Greyhound went.   Caroline took her Nikon D200 and a wide angle zoom to take a few shots of the event.

The village has quite a good community atmosphere and does well in coming together for events like this.