Apple World Wide Developers Conference

Apple started their World Wide Developers Conference today and there was some exciting announcements for Mac’s and iOS.  The MacBook Pro got some nice updates as did the iMacs.  Hopefully we will see a new MacPro next year.

I was hoping to see the little MacBook updated.  Its been getting more powerful for light work since the last update, but it only has the one USB3.1 port, it really needs two Thunderbolt 3 ports to make it more useful for those wanting a small laptop to do occasional real work.

Village Events – The 2017 Duck Race

Saturday was the annual village duck race to raise money for the local primary school.

I was busy in the studio testing out my Leica M10, so Caroline and Timmy the Greyhound went.   Caroline took her Nikon D200 and a wide angle zoom to take a few shots of the event.

The village has quite a good community atmosphere and does well in coming together for events like this.

Apples new focus on Pro Users

OS X – Ten Years Old

This week Apple made the unusual step of having an informal chat to the press about future plans for professional users.

The lack of internal expansion was a major criticism of the new cylinder shaped MacPro.  While I make good use of mine, I do have a lot of cables coming out the back linking to external cages of drive arrays for my storage and backup needs.

The old tower unit would likely have been more suitable for my expansion needs.

Apple have also seen a surge of orders for the old style laptops with the traditional ports and F key arrangement at the top.

According to rumours there has been a bit of a fight going on inside Apple about their professional products.  Its well know that it is a small segment but its traditionally been viewed as important.  Over the last few years though professional users have felt ignored, with few updates for the professional user and a focus on the iPhone and iPad, and more portable lower powered laptops.

It now seems that Apple are going to refocus on professional users, so I look forward in a couple of years replacing my MacPro with a far more expandable version.

Lightroom 2015.8 and the Leica M10

Leica M10 Presets

I don’t have an Leica M10 yet but have been downloading lots of RAW files that various people have been posting.  If you have been looking at Leica M10 images and think the skins tones look wrong then its because the person processing the images has not used Lightroom  2015.8.  The Adobe profile built into this version of Lightroom fully supports the M10 and gives wonderful images with no work.  If the skin tones are still wrong then its likely your using the old embedded profile which you can change in the calibration section in Lightroom’s develop module.

With the RAW’s that people have kindly posted I have been able to get in lots of practice processing the images.  This has also given me the opportunity to develop my own presets and a personal default setting for the images when they are first imported.

The camera is proving to be very popular and I have no idea how many days or months it will be before I receive it.  So until then I have the time to perfect my Lightroom workflow and decide on what accessaries I want.

Lightroom Defaults

Over in the Leica Forums, a lot of users are complaining that either Leica or Adobe has changed some of the defaults when images are imported into Lightroom.  Now ‘Enable Profile Corrections’ is switched on by default.

It seems may people are not familiar with changing Lightroom defaults.

Its very simple but it is camera specific.  So import an image for the camera you want to set the defaults for.  Select the image and go into the develop module, click reset to take it back to the original defaults, then hold down the option  key and the reset button becomes a ‘Set Default’.

If you wish you can also make the settings camera specific, and also ISO specific.  If you shoot certain fixed ISO’s like base 100 ISO and 1600/3200 for dark scenes, then this can be useful.  This is buried in the preferences.

macOS Sierra 10.12.2 released

I see Apple released macOS Sierra 10.12.2 last month, I did not notice at first as I am running macOS Sierra on an unsupported laptop, a late 2008 unibody machine maxed out, it was not until I sat down at my more modern desktop machine I saw the update.

A minor hack of the installer enabled the install but I have for now unsubscribed from Apple updates to prevent them from upsetting this machine.  You can use AUSEnabler” tool to subscribe to their already hacked updates if your willing to take the risk.


Lightroom 2015.8 Reference mode

Welcome to Lightroom CC 2015.8

After installing my Creative Cloud updates on Thursday, today it was time to have a little play.

reference view

It was the new reference view that interested me the most.

Trying to edit two photographs to look the same style and lighting can be difficult, even when you sync the develop settings from one image to the next you can often still get differences which are difficult to correct for.

While you can use loupe view for selected images (N shortcut key) or compare two images (C shortcut key) you can just view them, not edit them.

reference editingNow in the development mode you can access (if you have the toolbar showing) the reference mode by clicking on icon marked RA.  Your selected photo appears on the right and you can drag and drop a photo from the film strip at the bottom to the left hand pane to act as your reference photo.  You can then access the developer settings as normal with them only acting on the righthand photo, to make it look like your reference photograph.

Adobe Lightroom Updates – Desktop & Mobile

Lightroom Updates - Desktop & Mobile

While catching up on a few music tutorials on YouTube, look what popped up!  A new update from Adobe, I updated the laptop and also my mobile devices.  Not had chance to see whats new but I’ll try and find some time tomorrow to dig into the updates and see whats improved.  The mobile on the phones like a major improvement.

I am not updating my desktop computer yet as I have some work to do and need to know I can rely on the Lightroom that is currently installed.

Lightwork Laptops

Macbook Macbook Air -top

If you can only afford one computer and you want a portable for Photography, its hard not to recommend the best MacBook Pro you can afford.  For those of use lucky enough to have several Mac laptops and desktops around the building to use, then for heavy Photoshop its the MacPro and for lighter work my old eight year old MacBook Pro.  The little MacBook most people including me dismiss and look more towards the Air for light work, but I was looking at the Geekbench scores and its amazing how computers have progressed.  That little underpowered laptop is nearly twice the power of my old laptop so if your just after something for occasional work it is an option but remember that USB-C hub.