Saturday Walk

Saturday Caroline had a few jobs to do in Lincoln, so I had Caroline drop me and Timmy the Greyhound off in the centre to have a good walk round.

With Timmy’s lead in one hand and a Leica M in the other critical photography is not easy and I would probably have been better of with a small autofocus camera like my Nikon V1, but I enjoy a challenge.

iPad Starts to come of age with iOS11

iOS11 has really made some great improvements to the iPad.  With the dock available when you want it, better multiscreen support its getting close to replacing a laptop for light work.

Adobe recently made some great improvements to Lightroom Mobile.  If your an iPad Pro user and have the Apple pencil you now have pressure support when editing, so that with iOS11 is really moving the mobile photo editing space forward.

Nikon and Mirrorless

I like my Nikon V1; I also hate somethings about it, but it was a great start to get Nikon into mirrorless. The problem was Nikon do not seem to know what they want to do with it.

Its likely now that the Series 1 system is dead, which is a shame as it did not need much to fix the issues. Now the rumours are that Nikon are going to release a new mirrorless system, likely based on the DX sensor but once again with a new lens mount.

I feel they should re-introduce the Series 1 range but with a more enthusiast body. The rumoured DX model should have the F mount and can replace the bottom SLR models and also could handle a pro mirrorless option.

From what we had with the V1 its likely that Nikon are going to aim low and please no one.

iOS Test, process photo and blog all from my phone

Today’s post is a bit on an experiment.  Apples iOS and the apps are getting better all the time but you need to push yourself sometimes to see what you can do.

I had a work around the city and came across this interesting character.  I took a quick snap and then had a chat with him about photography and film.

Afterwards I popped into my favourite coffee shop to have a break. While there I decided to do this test.

I switched the Leica M10 into wireless hotspot mode; connected to it and downloaded a few RAW DNG files to my camera roll on my iPhone 6Plus.

I then launched Adobe Lightroom Mobile and edited the above image, boosting the contrast and a slight crop. Then saved it back onto my camera roll.

I then launched my website editing software. Wrote this post and uploaded the image.

So there you have it. All done on an old iPhone 6Plus.

Lens of Character

In the early years of photography, post production was limited, while darkroom skills did become very advanced, at the start you had to get it right in camera.

All lens had a degree of character, today we are used to lens that together with software lens profiles give us a view close to real life, correct verticals and aberrations removed. We now choose lens based on there size, speed, and range of zoom.  Any affects we had later in software.

Because some defect in lens design was always visible, lens designers began to make a feature of it. Lens with sharp centre and dreamy edges, romantic vignette etc.

The Lomography company has over the last few years been making a name for itself by reintroducing some of these old classic lens.

Leica joined in back in 2016, by reintroducing the 28mm Summaron-M. Now there are very strong rumours that Leica have a new camera and another lens, this lens is going to be one of Leica’s portrait lens with a distinctive software focus affect. I look forward to seeing if the rumours are true.

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.0

One thing I have not talked about yet is the new OS from Apple.  While I am usually an early adopter on most things from the Cupertino giant, jumping on board a new desktop OS is not one of them.

Whilst most consumers can jump straight in for those of use relying on our workstations and laptops we have to be a little more careful.

The first stop is checking that may major devices like scanners and printers work.  One of the reasons I now use Epson is the they tend to be very good on the support side and bring out new drivers and updates.

I was pleased to see that Epson have been as good as ever and have already released drivers for my printer.

A quick check on my scanner also showed a new update available for it.

In fact the only issue I have found so far is with my Wacom Tablet.  Drivers are not due until the end of October, though some people have reported that their tablets work but they cannot adjust the settings.

I have some corporate photographs to edit this weekend so i’ll still be holding off.  Once I get a few more reports i’ll likely clone by drive and up grade the cloned drive and test that way myself.  If everything seems ok then I will upgrade, once I have backed everything up of course.

Leica M10 in Black and White – Dark and Moody

Leica M10 underexposed

I was reading a review of the Leica M10 by a photographer that had been putting it through its paces over the last three months.

I was particularly taken with some dark and moody Black & Whites he had taken.

Now with my Leica M4 I generally shoot black and white, also with my Leica M8 I shoot black and white but with the M10 I have been shooting mainly colour.

With amazing colour like this below you can see why.

In side the church I was shooting medium format on my tripod but took a three quick snapshots with my Leica M10.

The first shot was at 1/30 second wide open with my 24mm Elmar-M.  Its under exposed but reasonably sharp.  The second two shots were blurred but at least correctly exposed.

The top shot I did recover a little with the fantastic DR available with the M10 but I left it dark to keep it moody.