Film Friday – Urban Landscapes

Its been a while since we had a film Friday so here is one I took many years ago.  It was either a Canon A1, AT or Nikon FM2 with 50mm lens. The film was Ilford HP5 Plus and its part of a series I did on urban landscapes back in the early nineties when a lot of the old Lincoln industrial factories were still around.

Now most have been knocked down and are shopping centres to housing estates.  In the fleeting world we now live even some of those shopping centres have since been redeveloped again.

Film Friday – Scooters in the Bailgate

Scooters in the Bailgate – Leica M4
Another quick film Friday; I heard the scooters before I saw them, already had the cameras exposure set, so it was just a matter of focus and choosing the moment.  With an all manual Leica M4 that does not even have a meter or any electronic aids or auto modes is pays to be ready.

Film Friday – Winter Wildlife

Leica M4 – Fuji Film

We have not had a film Friday for a while, so I thought I would dig an old Leica M4 shot out to publish.

This was a couple of winters ago and myself and Chris was photographing the birds on a local frozen lake.

With the extreme (for Lincoln, UK) conditions I thought I would take a quick snapshot.  I do love my Leica M’s for their carry everywhere convenience and as the M4 is purely mechanical its not that effected by the cold conditions.

For my SLR I had the battery grip fitted containing two batteries and a third battery being kept warm in my jacket pocket.

The smaller Micro Four Third bodies, Fuji X100, and if your willing to accept no view finder the Ricoh GR also make excellent carry everywhere cameras.

Leica Friday – (well it was a digital M8 so not a film Friday)

Film Scans in LR4
Film Scans in LR4 – Hasselblad V series

I occasionally post film fridays, where I have taken a film photograph, generally from either my Ebony 5 x 4, Hasselblad 6 x 6 or my Leica M4.

This Friday its a bit of a cheat.  Well more then just a single cheat, a) its posted on a Sunday when I started to feel better from my Tummy Bug. And b) its not film but is from a Leica and the majority of my film posts are from my Leica.

Coffee Shop View

On Tuesday lunchtime just before I started to feel unwell I took a trip to one of my favourite coffee shops in Lincoln, while drinking my coffee I took a few snaps from the coffee shop window.

This is no fine art and shows lack of contrast in the main subject area, plus insufficient shutter speed but then again the greats such as Robert Frank in the book ‘The Americans’ and the decisive moments of ‘Henri Cartier-Bresson’ never let exposure and camera shake get in the way of a great image.

While I would not call this a great image (far from it), remember try to capture the image first and have the technical features of the image come second.

Art first and craft second.

View of the lines
View of the lines

Adobe Lightroom Mobile Update – RAW Support

We had another update to Adobe Lightroom Mobile and this time they seem be indicating that we now have RAW support for the Mobile version.

This was a big thing for me as I have blogged about in the past.  Though Lightroom Mobile already supports DNG, I do want Nikon NEF support.

So I just had to give it a go.  I use Lightroom Mobile often to do a quick edit from when I am street shooting using my Leica.  The edits are usually just quick adjustments and crops.  This time the test was very simple I just grabbed my Nikon D800 and shot a few snaps of the dog and a few flowers in the garden.

Screen Shot Adobe Lightroom RAW Sync

So after a few quick snaps I grabbed my iPad 9.7 Pro and imported the RAW files.  All looked good and this worked without issue.  I then dived onto my Desktop computer and checked out the ‘From LR mobile’ Collection set.

There I saw my photographs arriving.  The question was what format?  Lightroom reported them as RAW and I also browsed to the file location in finder to confirm and there my files were.  So we now have full RAW support in Lightroom Mobile, thanks Adobe.

Film Friday

Waiting on the Street

Just a quick snap from and old roll I scanned recently.

Leica M4 and a 35mm Summicron lens while wandering around the Bailgate area of uphill Lincoln.

Its always fun using the M4, no built in lightmeter so a handheld meter and a bit of luck and judgement.  As I wonder around, as I spot the light changing I do a quick re-meter and change the settings on the camera.

Street Markets – Street Photography


Lincoln Market, Leica M4, Ilford HP5 Plus, Processed in Kodak X-Tol developer
Lincoln Market, Leica M4, Ilford HP5 Plus, Processed in Kodak X-Tol developer
There is quite a resurgence in street photography, driven by the growth in small quiet cameras; but a lot of people are very nervous about it.  Not only are you afraid of peoples reactions but in todays more security paranoid world, someone with a camera is treated with suspicion.

Events are a good place to start, people expect photographers at events.

The above shot was taken at the monthly farmers market in Lincoln, its a more interesting picture because its taken from behind the counter.  Shot on my little Leica M4 film camera, the people in it are busy with their shopping and are not noticing me.


Photo of the Month – October

The old Hive, Ilford HP5 Plus, Leica M4, 35mm Summlicron
The old Hive, Ilford HP5 Plus, Leica M4, 35mm Summlicron

Leica M4
Leica Summicron 35mm f/2 ASPH 6-Bit
35mm, 1/250 Sec at f/5.6, Ilford HP5 Plus ISO400
Processed in Kodak X-Tol developer
Post Processed in Adobe Lightroom CC2015.2.1
On a MacPro, OS-X 10.11.1


I was after trying out some Kodak Tri-X film that I had just bought and the Leica M4 had only three frames left of Ilford HP5 Plus, my current favourite film, so I went for a quick walk round the village where I live in the hope of using it up.

Many of us in the village keep chickens and several of us either keep bee’s, have kept bees or are about to keep bees so this view from the high street attracted me.  While personally for bee keeping I prefer a national hive with 14 x 12 brood box, an old english WBC hive as seen above is the prettiest and with the double skin practical for colder climates, but with the small brood chamber its not the most practical, thus many sit disused and used as ornaments in gardens.