Getting fit: The Diet

This last week we having been getting back into the fitness, running and the gym, which we have been letting slip recently.

We also had a serious look at what we eat. We are pretty good on the whole, we cook most things from scratch, even going as far as making bread, bagels, pizza bases and are own tomato sauce.

No the issue is while we eat healthy, we do eat too much.

We always said we would not calorie count, but the weight is not coming off very much.

So starting this week we are recording everything we eat and drink, making a conscious effort to have more salads and less of the starchy food we love.

To help us on our way we have treated ourselves to the Hairy Bikers new diet book, and a calorie counting app for our iPhones and iPad.

Keeping this up for a week will be pretty easy I expect, but next week we will be away for a few days staying in hotels/bed & breakfast accommodation.

With lovely cooked breakfasts and evening pub meals it’s going to be touch.

Oh and Don’t mention the cheese board.

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