Colds, and the end of an Era

The big event this month was Ethan’s Birthday, Sofia’s big brother, now 4 years old with a growing collection of Dinosaurs.

Mum Brown also gave us a fright when she was admitted to hospital with a suspected heart attack. Luckily everything was alright, it was just a very bad cold which brought on an angina attack and low blood pressure.

Both of us have also had very bad colds this month, requiring us to have days off work, and worse, causing Caroline to cancel horse riding and Richard to have to cancel flying lessons!

Work was also important this month; as on the 27th February the last of 120 Novell NetWare 4.11 Servers spread around the county of Lincolnshire was decommissioned. These systems were designed by me and have been in sites all over Lincolnshire, England running happily for over 8 years. Whilst the replacement system was co-designed by myself, my colleagues and our partner company, you don’t get quite the same feeling of pride as when it was all yours. Lets see if the new Windows 2003 systems with AD last as well as the NetWare 4.11 systems with eDirectory.

As someone who uses LINUX, UNIX, NetWare, Windows and OSX, all operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages but the old system is I feel something that I and Novell can feel very proud of! I have to admit I am a much better Network designer then html writer (as I am sure you can tell looking at these pages)!

a new arrival

After a lovely few days away it was back at work and back to the normal routine of work and gym, oh and a bike breakdown. Our bikes have never let us down before and to be honest we had been given notice of what was wrong, but I had just put up with it. Finally one morning going to work the bike engine died. The side-stand has a cutout switch which prevents you from riding away. Unfortunately the switch died and so did the ability to have the engine running. A new switch soon sorted it out but it was a little embarrassing.

Lastly but most importantly we had a new addition to the family. A new niece for us to lavish attention on.

Welcome, Sofia Marrows.

Whitby Holiday

The highlights of this month was the first holiday of the year. As we had worked between Christmas and New Year, we booked the first week off in January. We started the week with a visit to the gym. We also met up with Duncan and Michelle who are back from the Middle East and a nice meal out.

Our holiday was just a few days away and we went to Whitby in North Yorkshire. One of our wedding presents was membership of English Heritage, so we took the opportunity to visit Whitby Abbey. We were lucky with the weather, lovely low warm sunshine kept peeping out, and every time it did I took more photographs of the abbey.

Family Christmas

Finally we got to the end of the year! A very busy year for us both, also our first year of marriage.

Christmas day was spent at Caroline’s father’s house, together with Declan, Alison and Ethan. Ethan had lots of fun opening all his toys.

For Boxing day we all had a trip to Angela’s and Martin’s. All the Turner/Marrows clan descended, filling the house with noise.

Tom and Alex spent there time programming their new mobile phones. Richard was most jealous of Alex’s as he has the new Symbian 9.1 OS on his phone. Ethan told everyone about his Dinosaures, and everyone else spent there time trying to avoid Richard’s camera and get hold of Hannah’s Nintendo Dogz!

An old hobby – A new Joy

This year has been a transition year for me. My real joy in photography is black and white, Studio Glamour Photography and Architecture. As with most people I do not have room for a full time darkroom. In the last few years I have done very little photography except for a little landscape and a few friends weddings, but this year I really got back into my main three photographic loves. What spurred me on was my introduction to digital.

Over the last few years I have occasionally tried digital cameras and been generally less then impressed. Slow, poor battery life and hard to use. Then last year I had the opportunity to use a Cannon EOS 1D (the latest model). I finally thought that digital had arrived, it was fast responsive and produced fine quality images. Of course going digital is a big step and you need to make a number of adjustments. Are you going to shoot RAW, JPeg (JPG), how are you going to handle your storage requirements, backup, Image processing and work flow.

I decided on two approaches, first read all I could and talk to photographers who had made the jump. Second buy a small digital compact and try different things. So for the past year I have been shooting film on my SLR’s and digital on my small Nikon S3 compact. Its been a lot of fun and really inspired me to take more pictures this year then I have for the last three. A few months ago, I made the jump and bought myself my first digital SLR. I look forward to the next year and many more photographs.

A lunchtime Photo Walk

Many times people have said they don’t have time for their photography.
Or they are unable to get to that exotic location. Today was the last
day at work and as every other day this week it was thick freezing fog.
But today I took my camera bag and in the half an hour walk round the
Brayford Pool in my lunch break I took 43 photographs. Most of them are
not very good, but sometimes you just have to go out and shoot!

A winter lunchtime walk, Brayford Pool, Hedgerow next to carpark

Nikon D200 SLR
Nikor 17-70mm F3.5 ISO 100
40mm, 1/90 Sec at f5.6
Nikor 17-70mm F3.5
70mm, 1/60 Sec at f5.6 ISO 100
Processed in Adobe Lighroom Beta 4.1
On a Mac Powerbook, OS-X 10.4.8

Sharon’s Birthday

Not sure how to describe this month, frantic, chaotic, every time we booked a Yoga session at the gym we had to cancel due to some emergency at work, which meant we had to both work late.

Thats not to say we did not fit in some visits. First was my sister in laws birthday party.

Happy Birthday Sharron

Mum Brown hosted the party and we all had a good time.

We also managed got over to see Robert and Anita’s new house (only been trying for a year)! As we were in the area we also popped in and visited aunty Iris.

Hopefully things will calm down for Christmas.