Birthdays, Flying, Horse Riding and Holidays

This month was birthdays, holidays, flying and horse riding. First was Hannah’s Birthday.

A trip to Chesterfield in the new car, and we took the tent and camped in the back garden.

This was also the month when we both got to indulge in our hobbies, Caroline progressed with her horse riding and started jumping, memories of ‘Only fools on Horses’ come to mind. Richard got in more solo time and ventured away from the airport on his own for the first time.

Lastly we booked a holiday to Slovenia.

The old car goes

Work was very busy, but we still managed to fit in a few new things. First was a visit to Brandy Wharf. Not much to look at but a great little pub. Sells lots and lots of different types of cider and if you have a meal you must try the sausages, they’re very very good. With the weather being so hot we had a bike trip to the coast and made the most of the garden.

The main events of this month was that Caroline finally started horse riding. She had been saying for the last few years that she was going to start, hopefully there will be some news and pictures appearing soon.

Lastly we finally bought a new car. The old Polo that Caroline had from new was now 13 years old, so we finally said goodbye to it and bought a shiny two and half year old Skoda (no jokes), a nice little Fabia Estate.

Caroline Vera Store – RIP

I finally started to get over a series of colds this month. We had also booked a day off work. We went off for a Yoga course. The yoga course was based on animal forms and as before it was a great day.

Later in the month we started to get worried about nan. She had got a cold and had stopped eating. Nan was very much a lady who did what she wanted and she told the doctor in no uncertain terms that she was not going to hospital.

The Friday before we were due to go on holiday we got the news that she was very ill. The Saturday, and the first day of our holiday in Wales we got the sad news. Nan had been admitted to hospital and had died that morning. We headed back that Monday helped my mother sort out the details.

Thanks to all the family and friends who helped and came to the funeral.

The BMF Show

The BMF show had seemed so far away and we had done no planning at all, but suddenly it was Friday and the start of the BMF camping weekend. We had booked for the whole weekend and so the morning was spent having a final sort and check, getting all the camping gear together and strapping it all to the bikes.

First off was the Deauville (Honda NT650V), top box and panniers for Caroline and the airbed, and the sleeping bags strapped to the pillion seat, not forgetting the camping stove and fuel also in the left hand pannier.

Then we loaded up the ‘S’ (BMW R1100S), panniers with Richard’s stuff and cooking pots, miscellaneous camping bits, and lastly the tent strapped to the pillion seat.

After a practice load, we then wrapped everything in carrier bags and bin liners and strapped it all down. All that was left was the tank bags which would hold waterproofs, spare gloves and of course the radios. We had bike to bike radios to help us out. Always nice to have a natter while you ride.

It was now time for the off, a gentle ride down the A15, stopping at a tea shop in Folkingham.

As we pulled into Folkingham it had just started to rain, so we were glad to stop for a very nice late lunch. While finishing our lunch the rain clouds blew away and we carried on to Peterborough in the dry, once there it was just a matter of following the signs to the BMF show. That at least was the theory, we missed the first turn but still managed to get there in the end.

We soon found a good spot on the campsite, unloaded the bikes and setup the tent. We were then ready for the evenings entertainment.

As usual there was stalls for food, a large marque for the bands and a bar. The bar was a bit disappointing, only your common beer and lager – nothing interesting. There used to be a large bar with loads of different beers, this was something they should re-introduce. Also there was no bonfire this year. The fair proved popular despite the showers of rain. After Beer, Bands and Pasties it was time for bed.

Come morning and a camp fire breakfast, its was time for the show proper. High on the list was the Honda, Moto-guzzi, and Triumph stands. The Pan European still did not fit Richard much better then the old one but the new Deauville was nice, but he feels that he has out grown it. Too much weight and not enough power.

Both of us have had soft spots for Moto-guzzi’s for many years and ever since Caroline saw the Moto-guzzi Breva 750 at the NEC show she has wanted one. Richard prefers the 1100cc Breva but both are good looking bikes.

The Triumph ST was also a good looking bike with the three under seat exhausts but the Rocket was simply stunning! They also had a Rocket trike!

The entertainment was great, but the highlights were the short track racing and the stunt team, see below!

Another Birthday

Tuesday was Caroline’s birthday, this month was also Robert’s, Angela and Martin’s birthdays, and it had just been Alan’s. On the Sunday before Caroline’s birthday we headed off to Angela’s place and had a party!

Nan’s 90th Birthday

Saturday was Nan’s 90th Birthday. There were 5 generations present. Two of Nan’s daughters, Three Grandchildren, One Great Grandchild and One Great, Great Grandchild.

A lovely evening was had and some had travelled hundreds of miles to be there.
Thanks to everyone and the staff of the Nursing Home for making it a great occasion.

Update – 02/01/2007
This was the last birthday that nan saw, she died shortly after.