NEC Photography Show – 2019

I enjoy visiting the local photography shows but the main show of the year is at the NEC. Most of the major players are there and I get the chance to handle the latest gear.

As I often say, most cameras today are more then good enough, its just a matter of choosing one that suits the way you work and your hand.

As always Sony are pushing the envelope and their stand was very busy.

The best thing with the show is that the smaller players are there, and all the accessories you might need.

There was also some demonstrations and I went to two very good presentations from Joe McNally and Moose Peterson.

It was from last years show that I got the idea for using different sunglasses in a shoot.

A good idea as you can see.

While most people come away with new cameras and lens from such shows I tend to come away with ideas, and sometimes with a few memory cards and batteries if on offer. Last year I managed to get a good deal on paper.

Lack of Posts

Coffee – Leica M10

As you will have seen there has been a lack of posts over the last few months. The reasons are several; one I wanted a bit of a break from blogging. I was intending to write something at least once a week, but once you get out of the habit, weeks can go by and you realise you have not posted anything.

Secondly Timmy the Greyhound who died in March was ill for about a year. This made a big impact on my free time.

Lastly I am really getting behind with my Adobe Lightroom edits. My laptop no longer supports Lightroom.

The next few months are going to be quiet, but i’ll try to keep up with the picture of them month as post something at least once or twice a month.

Last Shoot of the Year

Get the Light Close – edit completed

Tomorrow is my last shoot of the year and is a studio shoot with three lovely ladies.

I am hoping to push my photography more this coming year, I have been playing it safe and the images are a little similar.

I am already start to short list ideas and models for the first three months and I look forward if not producing great images at least learning more and getting my skill up to the next level.