Write a short summary of the urine specimen

Write a short summary of the urine specimen

The optimum specimen tube is a 3- to 5-mL screw-top cryogenic vial.To collect a urine sample you should: label a sterile, screw-top container with your name, date of birth and the date.Urine specimens arrive frozen (on dry ice) or fresh (on ice packs) as.Enough urine will remain in the tube to resuspend the sediment In the hospital setting, write an end-of-the-day note in each patient's’ chart, starting in the morning and go through the entire day.Invert the centrifuge tube and allow all of the excess urine to drain out.The clinical information obtained from a urine specimen is influenced by the collection method, timing and handling.There is write a short summary of the urine specimen a lot of importance that comes with testing urine.In the clinic setting, there should be a summary in each patient's’ chart with every visit.Clean-catch mid-stream specimen: Patients with orders for a urine culture and sensitivity are given the proper mid-stream urine collection kit and the appropriate instruction sheet Chemical analysis of urine The dipstick method of chemical analysis of urine 28.The optimum sample volume is 3 mL.Diabetes) and a urinalysis can provide a lot of useful information to physicians You can collect a urine sample at any time of day, unless your GP or practice nurse advises you otherwise.Chemical analysis of urine Proteins in urine: • Detected by heat coagulation or dipstick method • Urine proteins come from plasma protein and Tomm-Horsfall (T-H) glycoprotein • healthy individuals excrete.Many different diseases can be tested for, (i.When submitting specimens for microbiological testing (e.Urine stored in the bladder is normally free of bacteria or yeast.Pour 15 ml of urine into a conical centrifuge tube, and centrifuge at 1,500 rpm for 5 minutes.The types of urine sample you might be asked for include a random specimen, first morning specimen or timed collection.The results are usually determined within a few minutes after collecting the.Tubes are selected per study protocols andare labeled with the participant’s ID and barcode.Tip #8: Note responses When submitting a specimen in a container other than the tube used to draw the sample (e.A vast assortment of collection and transport containers for urine specimens are available The clean-catch urine method is used to prevent germs from the penis or vagina from getting into a urine sample.The 24 hour urine specimen is brought to the laboratory as soon as possible as the 24-hour period is over., transfer vials), also indicate specimen type on the label (e.If this is not possible, then the sample may be refrigerated.How the Test is Performed If possible, collect the sample when urine has been in your bladder for 2 to 3 hours The collected urine sample should be analyzed soon (within 1-2 hours) after collection.The main advantage of the urine dipstick test is that it is a convenient and rapid test.However, bacteria are commonly found in urine specimens because of the abundant normal microbial flora of the vagina or external urinary meatus and due to the ability of bacteria to multiply rapidly in urine standing at room temperature 1.Donot shake the tube while it is inverted.Urine has a long, rich history as a source for measuring health and well-being and remains an write a short summary of the urine specimen important tool for clinical diagnosis.

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A good summary is helpful to everyone involved write a short summary of the urine specimen with the patient.The minimum acceptable volume is write a short summary of the urine specimen 1mL.

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