Another Lightroom Update

While importing a few new pictures I took at lunchtime I spotted Adobe had another bug fix release for Lightroom. Good to see them keeping up with the updates. They are supposed to be doing some major work for speed which is definitely needed.

Coffee shop visit

I don’t always make it, but I try and go to our local independent coffee shop at least twice a week.  Either on the walk there or in the shop I often find a interesting photograph.

Coffee Shop Message Board

My local coffee shop has a rather fun message board where people but up notes about anything and everything, wishes, hopes and fears.  Its a great feature wall and really helps the atmosphere.


A quiet Weekend

I was intending on getting a lot of household chores done this weekend and also get out to to the lovely Hartsholme Park to take a few shots but in the end we had a weekend doing nothing.  Every year I fully intend to get out to the park with my digital SLR and long lens and document the wildlife over the course of a year, getting out there at least once a month and I keep failing.  Maybe next year.

Doctor Who

This weekend the latest Doctor Who was announced.

The actor Jodie Whittaker has been chosen for that part. I am not sure why there has been the amount of discussion or outrage from some parties.  The Time Lords are aliens, the original creator in the 1980’s raised the idea of regenerations changing genders; and we have the Master and the head of the Gallifreyan guards regenerate and change genders so its well established if your a regular viewer and fan of the program.

The Headphone Socket

The iPhone is the one device that is always with me.  As a consumer of many video blogs and podcasts, I make heavy use of the iPhone’s headphone socket.

This year will see my iPhone reach three year old so I may replace it and pass this onto Caroline.  As the latest iPhone and I am sure this years phone will not have a headphone socket, its time to order a set of the Apple AirPods.  While I could use the Lightning port, as a heavy user the port is better used for topping up my charge so I have plenty of charge through the day.  I often make trips out on the motorcycle and you always want a well charged phone available just in case.