Vintage Fairs – Lincoln Drill Hall



Vintage fairs have become very popular over the last few years.  On our monthly visits to up hill Lincoln we often pop into a vintage shop and the antique shops in the Bailgate area and Steep Hill.

This Saturday there was a vintage fair held in the Lincoln Drill hall, a familiar location for those of us who attend the Lincoln Photography Show.

I picked up a few items to add to my collection of antique shaving equipment and a rather nice silver stamp holder and a leather match book holder.

Some had dressed the part, the visitors and some of the stall holders.  I took a number of photographs with my Leica M8 and there was a number of photographers there taking pictures and making themselves known with their big SLR’s and flashguns.

Next week there is another vintage fare in Lincoln and we might pop over again, it made an interesting and fun morning out.


Coffee and Shopping

Today we went on a shopping trip to Norwich, clothes and quilt shops for Caroline and for me a visit to The Window, the smallest coffee shop in the world.

The shopping and coffee went well, though Caroline did not buy any quilting material we did manage to get some clothes and Coffee.


Hayley our champion Barista served me one of the best Espresso I have had this year.

I’ll certainly rate Coffee Aroma in Lincoln and The Window in Norwich as the top two coffee shops I have visited this year.

While walking round the city I also did a little street photography, always fun.