Nikon Z System and early view of the Z9 prototype

Bonnie, taken in studio with a Nikon D800

The Olympics is often used by Canon and Nikon as a test bed for new professional cameras. Both had there new mirrorless cameras being tested which is good to see. The high end pro mirrorless Canon’s and Nikon’s will not be for me but will suit a lot of photojournalist and wildlife photographers.

Canon and Nikon are building out well and while still have a way to go to catch Sony they have produced some stunning bodies and glass so far. In fact for the cost the Nikon glass has been simply outstanding. Come on Nikon release that f/1.2 35mm and 85mm you have on your drawing boards.

I am feeling the pull of the Nikon Z system and with all my Nikon glass its certainly difficult to justify going to another system.

Coffee: Pour over or Espresso

What is your preferred coffee?

Here in the UK most people drink instant coffee at home, even in this tea obsessed land most tea drinkers have given up with loose leaf tea and now use tea bags.

Here now in the UK we seem to have rediscovered our love of real coffee. By the 1670’s we had over three thousand coffee houses in England. Today it seems we have a Starbucks on every corner, and we all love are milk based caffeinated beverages.

So what do you prefer, espresso or brewed coffee? I have to admit they are very different drinks. Getting good espresso at home is a challenge, requires expensive equipment, and skill. Do you have the time to learn? I think for most people the answer to quality coffee at home is a good pour over, and to leave espresso when your out to the professionals.

Photo Tip – Check image after changing Flash Power

If you change the flash power, remember to check the next few shots carefully, are you getting flash sync errors, has the colour temp changed so do you need to do a fresh white balance. Its not just getting the exposure right.

When I am using studios with cheaper flash heads I often need to check these things or lose shots.

When you can shoot tethered it does make it easier to spot if things have changed.

When on location as in the shot above of the lovely Ivory Flame, I was mixing changing daylight with flash, in this situation having a flash you know you can rely on is definitely and advantage.