Camera choice – what inspires you to shoot

During this last winter, while walking Ted the Greyhound around the local Lincolnshire Villages I have been carrying the little Leica M10. Shooting scenes like the one above.

The Nikon’s have been seeing little use except for studio work.

Lots of fashion and some personal projects in the studio. Hardly using a Nikon Z camera to its limits. In fact they have been set to base ISO of 64, f/8 and 1/200 for optimum quality.

One soon starts to lose how to use some of the advance features of the camera unless you practice.

So on a few recent walks I have been taking the Nikon Z7, switching between modes, trying different things, to get the hang on the camera again.

As they say practice makes perfect.

Early morning dog walks

Walking Ted the Greyhound early one morning with the Leica M over my shoulder I spotted the moon coming out of the clouds.

As I walked over the fields I kept looking for some nice foreground, just as the scene started to improve the clouds came in and spoilt it somewhat.

Still I got a few pleasing images.