Nikon Z6iii is coming

So by Monday next week we will finally now all about the long rumoured Nikon Z6 mark iii.

This is a tough camera for Nikon, its typically been the cheaper enthusiast camera, those that want something more capable then the base models Z50 and Z5 but cannot afford the Z8, Z9.

Its also been the faster more video focussed brother to the Z7.

Make it too good, it will be too expensive, you might as well pick up a Z8. Aimed at the cheaper end of the market and Nikon haters will say Nikon cannot make a decent mid prices camera.

We will see where they go with this but its a tricky balancing act.

Canon R1 Development announcement

Its been a long wait, and for Canon users they have had the capable R5 and R3 available; but we finally have the pro R1 development announcement.

There’s going to be a lot of hype, and a lot of negativity around this, but we have to remember who its for and the field of work the EOS 1 targeted.

Do not expect a high megapixel global shutter monster; this will be a very solid very capable mid megapixel camera that will work in any environment and not let press or sport photographers down. If they want high MP they will reach for the R5.