Arrival in Suffolk

We have arrived at our holiday cottage where we will be spending the next week.  Caroline’s sister came down to our bungalow yesterday and will be looking after the place and feeding our chickens and looking after Oz the Cornsnake while we are away. 

It’s a pleasant little village with a shop, cafe, Chinese takeaway and a chip shop.  So we have all we need.  There is also a little sewing shop so Caroline is more then happy. 

Camera wants and Camera Needs

Get the Light Close - edit completed
Get the Light Close – edit completed
Have you ever sat down and looked at the photographs you take and thought ‘what camera equipment do I actually need?’.


Looking thought my old photographs, then you get the categories Studio, Wildlife, Landscape and Street.

HDR - Standing Stones of Lewis

If I listed the cameras and the cameras needed to achieve these goals it would be a pretty small list.

But if you listed the cameras I wanted to achieve these goals it would be a far greater list.

Young Steam Punk

Sometimes standing back and really looking at the sort of photography you do can really but a dent in you wants list.

Packing Light

Our first week of the holiday is now nearly over. Tomorrow we start the second part, and we head off to Suffolk. 

As Timmy the Greyhound is coming with us I’ll need to pack light. I want to shoot some of the ruined abbeys that are in the area so I have decided to pack the Hasselblad and my two Leica’s. 

If the light is good I’ll be using the Hasselblad and the Leica M10, but if things turn dull and overcast I’ll be shooting Kodak Tri-X with he Leica M4.

The Great Lincolnshire Greyhound Gathering 2017

It was the Louth Hound Show this weekend and incorporated into this was the Great Lincolnshire Greyhound Gathering of 2017, so of course we had to take Timmy the Greyhound to meet his friends.

There was stands from various Greyhound charities.  If your after a dog and but think a dog will not suite your lifestyle then look into adopting a Greyhound.  It was a hound show and most of the sight hounds were there, but there was also an open category for none hounds.We bought Timmy a few treats and bits and bobs; we also spotted Greyhound Onesies!  A lot of dog owners dress up there dogs and it seems hounds now are no exception!

Film Friday – Suffolk Marshes

I’ll be heading Suffolk for a few days soon to do some photography and enjoy some long dog walks with Timmy the Greyhound.  When its grey over the marshes I often reach for film and either shoot with my Hasselblad or Leica M4.

This shot was taken nearly a year ago with my Leica M4 while we were visiting Snape Maltings, the weather ideally suited the Kodak Tri-X I had loaded in my camera.

Still no Nikon V1 news

Nikon V1 10mm f/2.8

Still no Nikon V1 news, The Nikon Series One cameras actually have a lot going for them.  There not the mirrorless system that Nikon users want, but they do make a compact alternative when travelling light.  I have been pleased with my but since my original purchase of a V1 body and three lens, I have not felt the need to invest any more.

Its not that I do not want to.  I feel the System One does fill a useful niche but Nikon do not seem to know what to do with it or where to take it.

The V1 was small and had a built in EVF, since then Nikon have gotten a little lost with making it a tiny body and no EVF, but with a grip and EVF available making into a much larger camera.  At least now there are some very good deals available for the V3 and its now coming included with the price; the viewfinder and grip.

Replacement Nikkor 70 – 300mm

Hot on the heals of my news of a rumoured D800, we now have some real news.  The Nikkor 70-300mm has beeb quietly replaced.  Whilst the old lens was a seemly basic plastic bodied lens the optical quality was actually very high and many professionals had one in their bags.

The lens has Nikon’s new stepper motor technology (AF-P), so it will not be compatible with many older cameras, but will work fantastically well with video and live view.

Nikon D800 Series – D850 Rumour

I am a big fan of the Nikon D800 series, and with the D810 now a few years old we are getting rumours of the next version the D850. Lets hope Nikon keep on hitting this one out of the ball park.

The D800 is a class act and still performs well from studio to nature photography and for many is a better choice then medium format, certainly more flexible.