Can you trust what you see?

Since before digital, in the dark room, photographers have been producing composite images, from multiple negatives, a landscape image with a sky from a different negative.

In my wedding images I shoot multiple shots of groups, and occasionally have to combine them to get a single image of everyone looking good at camera.

Model images, a tweak here and there to soften skin, remove a pimple.

Leica M10

But now with modern AI, we can create what ever kind of image we want. So how can we trust what we see?

Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) and the C2PA standard hopes to address this. Big players in the software world have signed up, like Microsoft and Adobe. Nikon and Leica are the first camera manufactures to sign up, but its Leica, working with their partners, the German government and Adobe that are the first to release a camera that supports this with a built in image authentication chip.

If you’re interested in Leica’s new M11-P I would suggest heading over to where Jonathan Slack will soon have a good overview of the camera.

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