Colour – technically correct or artistic choice

Nikon Z7 35mm f/1.8

Do you use auto white balance, let the camera get the exposure, or use a colour checker and grey card. Meter your flash carefully with your flash meter, or just guess by eye.

All approaches are valid but having a system that gives you a consistent base is in my opinion is best, its certainly what works for me.

That saying, getting things technically correct is not the be all of a great picture. Having a consistent base to work from makes life easier when you want to get creative.

In the picture above, I have tweaked the colour balance, saturation and added colour grading to the shadows and the highlights. The resulting image is certainly not ‘correct’ in exposure, white balance or colour but I find it a pleasing image.

Nikon Z30 released, what is it for

The new Z30 from Nikon is a great new vlogging camera from Nikon.

Many Nikon users are asking ‘what is this for’. Its not a camera for a lot of us, but with USB charging while in use, a flat video profile, 2 hours recording it hits a lot of the spots YouTube users want.

Its a little expensive I feel, but it is the same price as the equivalent Sony.

The two biggest let downs are, no sensor stabilisation; so your lens need VR or you use the digital stabilisation. Secondly, we lack the wide angle lens needed for selfie work.

I would love to see a camera like this with a corner EVF or add on EVF, for travel, ie a more rangefinder style, that I feel would also sell well.