Rievaulx Terrace & Abbey

Another trip out. The morning found us exploring the moors.  We then headed to Rievaulx Terrace which as well as some interesting architecture, has some dramatic views down the hill and through the trees to the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey.

We took some shots of the temples built as items of interest by Thomas Duncombe the landowner.  The sun climbed and illuminated Abbey below, so both Caroline and myself took some shots of the Abbey using our medium format gear.

We then popped down to the Abbey itself to visit their tea room for lunch and photograph the dramatic ruins from close up.

The sun had gone in but the dark clouds with some glimpse of blue had potential, so we carried on carrying the medium format gear, tripod and Nikon SLR with the 12-24mm f/4 DX (APS-C) around the Abbey ruins in hope.

At the end of our visit we walked slowly back to the car, when I saw the hills in the distance slowly becoming illuminated in light.

Looking at the clouds I guessed that in about 5 minutes the break in clouds would illuminate the Abbey.  Quickly finding a good position I had spotted early, I set the tripod and Medium format camera up.

As the golden light reached the Abbey I quickly metered the scene with my spot meter and two shots, one with Fuji Velva 50 and one Ilford FP4.

I quickly repositioned and shot two more frames before the sun when in again.

With that we packed in and headed home.


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