The AA – the other emergency service

Here in the U.K. We have five main emergency services. Police and Fire Brigade are the main two. Always under pressure and under funded we have the NHS ambulance service, then there is the RNLI a charity that looks after those of us who like to sail and swim off shore, and finally our mountain rescue teams again a charity.

We also have a number of companies that offer roadside assistance when you break down, the AA (Automobile Association) and RAC (Royal Automobile Club) and green flag are the most well known. 

We are members of The AA. I often complain about the yearly fee but the odd time we have needed them it’s been truly worth it. 

Tonight was just such an occasion. The Honda motorcycle has only let us down twice and tonight was the second time when the throttles cable broke, not bad for a seventeen year old motorcycle. 

Caroline was riding the Honda home when it happened. She coasted to the side of the road and pushed the bike a mile to the nearest layby to get it safe. Traffic generally gave her room except for one Sainsbury Petrol Tanker that just missed her by inches. 

The AA where excellence and soon rescued her and got my wife and the Honda home safe. 
Thank You AA you truly are the other emergency services. 

First Autumn Visit to Hartsholme Park


Saturday was a foggy Autumn day; it was an early start as I had to take Timmy the Greyhound for his morning walk.  Predawn it was very foggy going across the fields but the weather forecast was more promising then Sunday.

I had arranged to meet Chris at Hartsholme for 08:00, but was running late.  It was misty and not a lot was going on, Chris was already setup and was trying out his new Fuji X-T2 and long zoom.

With the low light and high ISO the pictures were nothing special but it was good practice.  I decided to go with a more creative interpretation as in the top picture.

Leica Specials

I see we now have lots of Leica special editions appearing.  Thats usually the sign Leica are trying to make as much money as possible out of the old platform before releasing the new M.

Window Light, Leica M8, Summicron 35mm
Window Light, Leica M8, Summicron 35mm

I am still waiting for the new M to be announced before I decide which M to get, either the new M or the old M at a budget price, likely the updated M type 262.  The downside of the M type 262 is no live view and for the odd occasion I use a Leica for intimate boudoir photography, live view has its uses.

To make the budgeting worse I am still looking for a small everyday, autofocus mirrorless solution.  I would love a Leica SL but its a little large, so currently Olympus are the top of my list followed by Panasonic, but I an still interested in what the Leica T replacement will be like as a DX crop factor will work better with my existing Leica glass.


Adobe Lightroom – integrating workflows

With Adobe Creative cloud we now have the ability to save certain work into the cloud together with our photoshop settings but for a photographer using Lightroom its still a bit of a pain working on multiple machines.

Lincoln 1940's Weekend-2

Often i’ll grab a few shots at lunchtime, upload onto my iPad and into Lightroom mobile.  These then get sync’ed into my main catalogue.  If I work on my main catalogue on my desktop machine in my office this all gets sync’ed between the desktop and iPad, but sometimes i’ll want to work a little bit more on a photograph but when I am away from the office.  I could use the iPad but that is limited, I could use the web version but again its a bit clunky, the best option is to export out the shot(s) into a separate Lightroom catalogue and save that into my cloud storage service (Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive etc).  Then I can grab my laptop and work on them, but then I loose the sync with my main catalogue and with the iPad until I import this single standalone catalogue back into my main catalogue.

Adobe need to implement a cloud based catalogue solution so I can grab any of my devices and decide to use the full app, mobile or web based editing and access my photographs.

Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust annual Belton House Walk


This weekend we were lucky to have good weather for the annual Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust walk at the National Trust property Belton House.


The LGT (Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust) had a small stall as well as a few hounds to show off that needed homes.

In total about fifty hounds and there staff turned up for a great day out.


Hasselblad X1D-50c

As more information keeps coming through, it seems that the Hasselblad may in fact have some degree of weather sealing, making the choice between it and the Fuji’s new entrant a much harder choice.

With me being a Leica and a Hasselblad user, if I was going to invest into a new all digital medium format system then it would likely be one of those two.  I have several Hasselblad V series lens and I expect an adapter to come along shortly for them once the new X1D hits the streets.

The big advantage of the Fuji is SLR type handling and that lovely adjustable screen.

I have to admit I am terribly tempted and feel GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) coming on.