Sculpting with Light & Order of Editing

Sculpting with Light

This months photo of the month I tried to pull off in camera, but did not quiet get the lighting on the models face right.  It was close and I was sure that a bit of photoshop could bring it back.

I did the majority of the editing in Lightroom, then applied some skin softening via negative clarity; then I took it into Photoshop to sculpt the light.  This turned out to be a mistake.

Red Dress Sculpting after skin softening
Red Dress Sculpting after skin softening

Its not a bad image but if you look at the models right arm on the left hand side of the photograph the transition from light to shadow just looks wrong and broken.

I was fairly sure it was because I softened the skin in the wrong order so I needed to process the image again.  Lucky I had preserved the layers and it was a lot easier then I expected.

First I took the processed Lightroom image and cloned it, then found the skin softening control point and deleted it, this left all the other Lightroom processing but removed the skin softening.  I then opened this into Photoshop and also opened the previous Photoshop image which still had the skin softening and looked broken.


It was fairly easy to duplicate my work, you can Command-Click on the selection layer and copy the selection over to the other document.  You can also drag and drop the Curves layer and the masks, thus with just a few clicks I had recreated my Photoshop document but without the skin softening.

Saved then back to Lightroom for a touch of skin softening and a little sharpening plus vignette and you have the picture below and the picture of the month.




Chickens in the Garden

This weekend we spent a lot of time in the garden tidying up the east border which we have hardly touched since we moved into the property.  A few weeks a go we did the majority of it but still had a couple of troublesome areas to sort.

It was cold but pleasant; we did invite Timmy the Greyhound out to help but even with his coat on he did not want to stay out and soon searched out his bed.  With Timmy safely in the house it did mean we could let the chickens out of their run and give them the free run of the garden.

Concert at the Local Church

Lincoln Male Voice Choir

Last weekend was very busy with visits from all my brothers, meals out and we also went out to our local church where we heard a recital from the Lincoln Male Voice Choir.

They were very good and in the poor light of the church I took a quick panorama.  Its amazing how good modern phones are at this kind of thing.  The basic sub £200 compact camera is now quite outclassed and when you add to this the social media aspects of being able to edit and share direct from the phone, you can see why compact camera sales are falling.

Leica M 28mm f/5.6 Reviews Starting to appear

M 28mm f/5.6 Drawing

The Leica M 28mm f/5.6 is now out and while its a beautiful lens if your after just one 28mm lens the f/2.8 is possibly the one to pick, the f/2 is faster but also a challenging lens and it does not play nice on none M cameras.  If your interested in this as a second 28mm, or if 28mm is not a lens you usually use but fancy something a bit different then it may be worth considering.

The lens does not just vignette but the resolution changes giving an interesting feel to the images.  A fun lens and I can see why people like it.

Lightwork Laptops

Macbook Macbook Air -top

If you can only afford one computer and you want a portable for Photography, its hard not to recommend the best MacBook Pro you can afford.  For those of use lucky enough to have several Mac laptops and desktops around the building to use, then for heavy Photoshop its the MacPro and for lighter work my old eight year old MacBook Pro.  The little MacBook most people including me dismiss and look more towards the Air for light work, but I was looking at the Geekbench scores and its amazing how computers have progressed.  That little underpowered laptop is nearly twice the power of my old laptop so if your just after something for occasional work it is an option but remember that USB-C hub.

Lunch time walk

While taking a quick a break from the office, I walked through town to visit my faviorate coffee shop.

Camera in hand I took a few snaps.

bicycle by the library

Once back at my desk I quickly imported them into Lightroom Mobile on the iPad but then did nothing with them.  Later I grabbed my laptop and opened up Lightroom on the web, and did a quick edit.  I later returned to the image but this time wanted to work a little more on the image so this time I opened up my master Lightroom catalogue held in my dropbox folder.

The photographs downloaded themselves quickly with my edits and I continued to work on them.  I have not yet fired up my master catalogue on my desktop yet, it will be interesting to see where the photographs are there!


Hobbies – Too many and too expensive

Occasionally I look at things and think to myself that would be fun or that would make a good hobby.

The problem with most hobbies is they cost money and take time, and really you need to limit yourself to just one.

Many of my friends play golf or squash and this looks like a fine hobby, keeping you fit as well as looking interesting.  But I think to myself that I would not have time for them.

Currently I dabble in IT, try to play the piano and banjo; photography is a major hobby, love reading walking (especially with Timmy the Greyhound) and run several blogs.  Its a struggle to fit it all in.  Recently I have been looking at doing more kayaking and sailing but again its the time.

The time for me is a bigger issue then the money, its just a shame I could not just give up on work and concentrate on all my hobbies, but then I would not have the money for my hobbies.

First World Problems!