Firmware updates, remember to check for your older cameras / flashes

I have a couple of big shoots this month, so checking batteries, memory cards etc is on my mind. If you have a current camera then social media is quite good at notifying you if there is firmware update. Camera brands like Fuji got a good reputation with there continued support of older models and fresh firmware bringing fixes and new features where the hardware could support it. Its something that Nikon have been pushing as well with recent updates to the Z9 and Z8 but also the Zfc and ZF.

Its quite easy though to forget about your older generation cameras so do remember to check you manufactures website. I thought my Leica M10 was up to date but a quick check last week showed a new firmware. No real new features, then the M series are not built on there feature set, but there was a new firmware with support for lens profiles for new lens.

So do check. Its also worth checking your flashes but for some brands that can be difficult; that’s one thing I like about Profoto, turn on fire up the app and it will tell you if there is something new and its quick and easy to up date.

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