Lincoln High Bridge – Lunchtime Walks

Leica M10, 50mm Summilux-M 1.4 ASPH

I try to get out into Lincoln at least a couple of times a week, and walk around with a camera in my hand.

Scenes like these have been documented by photographers since the medium was invented. Its important to document your local town and the changes that time brings.

This is one of the more timeless areas of Lincoln, this bridge has been here since the year 1160, and like most medieval bridges, has always until recently had a church and a shop on it. The chapel was removed in 1762, but these recent buildings in this side were built in around 1550. I doubt you could have gotten a latte back then.

The picture is nice but far from perfect as a photograph. Its a little out of focus and has motion blur. A fact of life with a old fashioned manual camera like the range finder M10, technically the photo would have been better with my SLR or even my camera phone, but the experience of creating the shot for me would have been lost. Even with its technical issues the photograph is pleasing to me and is a valid document of the area.

The Leica M10 Monochrom was announced

So the rumours are true and we have a new Leica Monochrom. A Leica M10P body with an all new 40 MP sensor, which records only black and white.

For 99% of the UK’s photographers a rangefinder is a pointless relic from the past. For those 1% who enjoy, appreciate and actually use a range finder, I expect that over 90% maybe even 99%, think a black and white only digital camera an anachronism.

But for those few who shoot range finders and black and white; these monochrom cameras are a revelation. Nikon was actually first and produced a limited edition pro digital SLR and some medium format sensor manufacturer produces have followed with digital backs so there is a demand for such a niche product and Leica here seem to have hit it out of the ball park.

Many people who first saw the images out of the first Monochrom complained that they were too flat and too grey. The mono sensor does have extreme dynamic range and gives the photographer many options in post production.

As usual people like Jonathan Slack have reviews.

There is also a good selection of images on Leica’s website from Alan Schaller.

Leica M10 Monochrom by Alan Schaller, from Leica’s Website

Do we need 40 MP black and white, well for most no, but given better tools artists are always going to excel.

Of course with this new sensor Leica rumours are now going overboard about a high resolution Leica M10. For me my 24MP M10 is enough for now, I am saving up for more lens not cameras at the moment.

Mac Rumours – Pro Mode for Laptops

I am hearing rumours of a pro mode coming to the Apple MacPro laptops; or at least the new 16 inch MacBook Pro.

Laptops are always a compromise, we want light weight, long battery life, amazing bright screens and lots of power. As soon as you start to push the power the battery drops quickly, and the fans get noisy as the heat builds, limits have to be placed or people complain.

Rumour has it that Apple are planning an update where you can temporary take off the limits, taking your power to the limit, it will eat up battery and be noisy so Apple will have make it reset at the end of the day but for power users this could be useful.

Leica Press Conference 17th January

Leica M10 underexposed

The Leica rumour sites have been buzzing today with Leica announcing they will be having a press conference on the 17th January.

Leica M8 sample – walk to the gig

The rumours are that the latest Leica Monochrome is to be announced, while modern digital is very flexible there is something quite stunning about the output from Leica’s Monochrom.

First Lunchtime walks of 2020

Christmas and New Year is now over and things are getting back to normal. So its back to my lunch time meandering around Lincoln, with a camera in my hand.

Being in Lincoln with the castle, cathedral and the wonderful shopping experience of steep hill there is always photo oppertunities.

As usual my lunchtime wondering was with my Leica M10 in hand.

Dreaming of summer walks

a summer walk – Leica M10 50mm Summilux-M

I have been reviewing a few of last years years images this week, making sure that the meta data is all correct and I have keywords correctly.

This shot was from a summer walk I took with Ted the Greyhound in Lincolnshire with the Leica M10 slung over my shoulder.

I look forward to future summer walks during this current dreary weather.

Journalling, diary and organisation

During the eighties I kept a diary. In the nineties I used a Palm Pilot and Outlook / Exchange to keep myself organised.

For the last three years I have gone back to paper, or at least a mix of paper and computer.

I work in IT for a large outsourcing organisation and support a number of companies. Due to data and privacy rules my work diary is encrypted and accessible on my laptop and work phone. My personal information and my part time job as a photographer is now a mix of electronically held information for data that needs to be shared and my paper journal.

My paper journal is also a mix of things, its a bullet journal for everything and a personal diary. Over the last year I have been looking at the William Hannah products.

Its a simple leather bound A5 ring journal but incredibly well made and I have been lucky enough to be bought one for Christmas.

I spend yesterday setting it up as my new 2020 bullet journal and am looking forward to using it to plan my future 2020 shoots.