The Leica M10 Monochrom was announced

So the rumours are true and we have a new Leica Monochrom. A Leica M10P body with an all new 40 MP sensor, which records only black and white.

For 99% of the UK’s photographers a rangefinder is a pointless relic from the past. For those 1% who enjoy, appreciate and actually use a range finder, I expect that over 90% maybe even 99%, think a black and white only digital camera an anachronism.

But for those few who shoot range finders and black and white; these monochrom cameras are a revelation. Nikon was actually first and produced a limited edition pro digital SLR and some medium format sensor manufacturer produces have followed with digital backs so there is a demand for such a niche product and Leica here seem to have hit it out of the ball park.

Many people who first saw the images out of the first Monochrom complained that they were too flat and too grey. The mono sensor does have extreme dynamic range and gives the photographer many options in post production.

As usual people like Jonathan Slack have reviews.

There is also a good selection of images on Leica’s website from Alan Schaller.

Leica M10 Monochrom by Alan Schaller, from Leica’s Website

Do we need 40 MP black and white, well for most no, but given better tools artists are always going to excel.

Of course with this new sensor Leica rumours are now going overboard about a high resolution Leica M10. For me my 24MP M10 is enough for now, I am saving up for more lens not cameras at the moment.

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