Lincoln High Bridge – Lunchtime Walks

Leica M10, 50mm Summilux-M 1.4 ASPH

I try to get out into Lincoln at least a couple of times a week, and walk around with a camera in my hand.

Scenes like these have been documented by photographers since the medium was invented. Its important to document your local town and the changes that time brings.

This is one of the more timeless areas of Lincoln, this bridge has been here since the year 1160, and like most medieval bridges, has always until recently had a church and a shop on it. The chapel was removed in 1762, but these recent buildings in this side were built in around 1550. I doubt you could have gotten a latte back then.

The picture is nice but far from perfect as a photograph. Its a little out of focus and has motion blur. A fact of life with a old fashioned manual camera like the range finder M10, technically the photo would have been better with my SLR or even my camera phone, but the experience of creating the shot for me would have been lost. Even with its technical issues the photograph is pleasing to me and is a valid document of the area.

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