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Richard & ChrisI tend to use a tripod quite a lot, part of this is down to my camera and lens choice.  Two of my cameras are impractical to use without a big heavy tripod, and several of my lens are far easier to handle with a tripod then hand held.  I have posted about tripods before here, but thought I would mention them with respect to the smaller formats.

My little Leica’s M4 & M8 and my Nikon V1 virtually never see a tripod.  Its one of the advantages for these smaller cameras, being small light and mirror less they can be used at slower shutter speeds with less impact of camera shake.

But one of the advantages of the smaller sensor’ed cameras like the Nikon V1 and Micro FourThirds is the reach one can get and the lower cost of long telephotos.

If you have a long telephoto for your SLR then your long lens may come with a tripod collar who one is available as an option, but if you look at the current long telephotos for the small sensor’ed cameras, none of them come with tripod collars.  This is a major limitation in my view.

Luckily third parties now seem to be addressing this, lets hope the lens manufactures learn from this.

Tripod Collar for FourThirds.


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