a new laptop – research in progress

So I said I would be looking out for a new laptop and I am. Its really a difficult choose. Previously I have always bought close to the top of the range and this has seen me through quite well.

For the type of work I do editing in Lightroom and Photoshop with a powerful machine is ideal. But can I bring myself to have a lower powered laptop and use my desktop machine for the power work.

Its a difficult ask as buying a less powerful laptop seems like throwing money away.

I generally process 24 and 36 Mega Pixel photographs, while the thought of using a smaller lighter machine is tempting, Adobe have updated Lightroom recently to make better use and off load cpu intensive tasks to the graphics card. This makes buying the 15 inch laptop with the better graphics card an easier choice, but you looking at a grand (£1000) more for the purchase.

While I have to admit that buying high end in the past has worked well, my previous laptop is over eleven years old and has lasted well; the high end for Apple is relatively good value, its there low end machines are not good value. Her in the UK with BREXIT on the way the pound is devaluing fast and I can justify purchasing high end again.

Its a tough choice and one I will be making in the next few weeks.

13 inch or 15 inch MacBook Pro? Or go super light with an air, which is still more capable then my current machine.

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