Availability and Choice

It was good new to see the two new Canon mirrorless cameras released recently. More choice in the market is good. Nikon and Canon owners now have a great selection of mirrorless camera bodies and lens to choose from. Everyone seems to be lacking a high end cropped sensor body and only Nikon have a really pro model but I expect Canon to soon release theirs.

Sony had the mirrorless market to themselves for quite a while, and many Canon and Nikon owners had a mirrorless Sony in their bags or if wanting a cropped sensor a Fuji. Now we have real competition and Nikon owners are dropping their Sony’s to get a mirrorless Nikon and the same with Canon.

Will Sony keep their mirrorless lead, we will see. The brand has certainly listened to their fans and improved massively. The lack of 14 bit, bad menus etc have all been addresses. With Canon and Nikon releasing some stunning new mirrorless lens Sony are releasing new versions of their G Master lens to keep up. We are in exciting times.

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