Bad Lens, Good Picture

Nikon S3 Compact - Whitby Lady in Black & White
Nikon S3 Compact – Whitby Lady in Black & White

Nikon S3 Compact, 6 MP JPeg Output

Nikkor built in zoom 6-24mm Aprox f/2.7 – 5.9
5.8mm, 1/75 Sec at f/8.5, ISO50
Post Processed in Adobe Lightroom V5
On a Mac MacBook Pro, OS-X 10.8.4

In its day back in 2005 the 6 mega pixel Nikon S3 Compact was a good compact camera, not stunning but it produced reasonable results.  Now most people would consign this camera to the bin.  The tiny sensor, poor resolution, high noise and distortion of its lens means that surely you cannot produce good images.

At f/8.5 the image is soft, with a sensor that small one should not really go beyond f/5.6 but back in 2006 when this was taken I was a bit of a novice at digital photography and more used to 35mm full frame film.

Technically everything is against this shot, the camera, the lens, the light and high contrast of the day, all compounded by my use of the wrong aperture which has softened and lowered the quality of the image.

Yet, I feel this image works and its a pleasing image that I like, the content has overcome the technology.

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