Camera Choices Part 2

So in my previous post on Camera Choices, I made some generalisations about what camera types I would use for each of my chosen genres.

But lets look at actual models.  If I had the unlimited funds for my GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) what would I actually own.

First of all formats.  Which formats would I own.

  • Large Format
  • Medium Format
  • Small Format

Yes I would own them all.  No one camera can do all tasks well.

Large Format:

Ebony 45SU



Theres not a lot of difference between this model and my current 45S, this slightly more flexible and easier and faster to use.  I might add a PhaseOne digital back.  This is my ideal landscape camera.


Medium Format:

Part of me wants to say my current Hasselblad with a digital back which in many ways is a good solution for landscape work, the back could also be used on the Large Format Camera.  I want a Medium Format Camera for Weddings and Studio work, as fast to use as an SLR, so my choice is the Leica S.


Small Format:

With having the Leica S, then my Small Format camera would actually be several cameras.  First an SLR for Wildlife and Macro work.  Its a tough choice, I prefer Nikon to most other manufactures and it would between the D4 and the D800e, one might even have both, the D4 for wildlife and the D800e for Macro work.  A camera such as the D300s may possibly be a good choice to cover both areas but it getting a little old now and is ready for replacement.  I would be interested in how the D800 handles wildlife, is the frame rate and noise performance good enough.  I don’t know but I feel some testing is going to have to be done.

Next my high quality small mirror-less option, this is going to be a surprise for many but it would be the Leica Monochrom, yes a Black & White only camera.

Finally a Compact and I think it would be Sony RX1, a full frame compact.

Sony RX1

So those would be my choices if money was no option.


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