Cameras Galore

Sony Alpha A7rIt’s been quite an exciting few days on the camera front. With Panasonic releasing the Photographer Centric GX-7, then today the GM-1, Sony’s new full frame goodies the A7 & A7r based on RX-1 and even Nikon getting in on the action with some very minor upgrades for their SLR’s.

I was hoping to have posted my thoughts and a few demo photographs from the Panasonic GX-1, but I have been unable to find time to test the local demo model that London Camera Exchange currently have. ¬†Hopefully i’ll be able to get round to it next week.

One of the more interesting options with the new Sony Full Frame cameras is the ability to take Leica M lens.  While this is possible with MicroFourThirds, Sony Nex and the Fuji X interchangeable lens series cameras this is the first none Leica Full frame camera series that can do this.

Exciting times.

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