Changing a Bulb

Radiator Protection
Radiator Protection

You would think that a simple thing like changing a headlight bulb on a BMW R1200GS would be a relatively simple thing.  Its a practical bike designed for long distance travel.  People use them for journeys lasting months.  In most areas the design is excellent.

Well one part of the design is very frustrating and that is access to the low beam headlight.

Changing it is something I dread, I can get the bulb out but its a right struggle getting the new bulb back in.  There is very little room in which to move your hand.  I know some people who have resorted to removing the instrument cluster, and taking out the full headlight assembly so they can do it easier!

Please Bike Manufacturers, some of us are not just Summer Sunday riders, doing 50 mile fun trips now and again, we use are bikes all year round.  Tasks like changing a bulb should be simple and easy and you should be able to do it in the dark and cold by the side of the road.

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