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Cornwall Trip

Last updated 24/10/2005

Myself and Caroline have wanted to visit the Eden Project and Gardens of Heligan for sometime and Alan, Caroline’s father who had been before also wanted to visit again.

Most people would have visited in summer and Alan was somewhat surprised that we wanted to visit in January but we both had leave to use up so off we went.

We stopped at a nice bed and breakfast in St Austell’s and using the computer in the hall we checked with the BBC website’s for the weather forecast. We decided to go to the Eden Project first as the weather was suppose to be worse tomorrow, and the Eden Project is mainly undercover.

The grounds to the Eden Project are much better in the summer but the domes are well worth seeing no matter what the season.

We did not make the mistake my mum, Christine made when visiting. We took the land train to the first dome!

The picture to the left was taken in the temperate dome. They had a display all about the grape and wine with lots of sculptures. In fact there are sculptures all over the grounds.

The following day we visited the Gardens of Heligan. These were magnificent gardens and there is plenty to explore, if you have children then don’t forget to try and find the face in the wood! If you get the chance do read the book, all about how the garden was discovered, and restored.

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