Fuji X100V – Reviews that I have seen

So a few hours after I made the post last week about the rumoured X100 update the internet exploded with reviews as the NDA expired.

Most reviews have pretty much stated is an X100 improved. I you like the X100 and want water resistance, improved iso dial, better focus, sensor, lens and a folding screen, then your going to love it.

Leica CL

The most interesting review I saw was from a Leica user. Not surprisingly he loved it, and compared it favourable with the Leica Q and Leia CL, cameras many times the price.

Last time I tested one I found the aperture ring hard to use for those of us with large hands and the optical viewfinder a disappointment but then I am spoilt.

Looking forward to trying one next month.


Would I get one, well a small autofocus camera would be useful to me as a general carry, but the aperture and viewfinder will be the key. Also on my shortlist is a second hand Olympus Pen F and a Leica CL.

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