iBird UK: Now Universal

I have greatly enjoyed the iPhone App, iBird UK.  For someone like me who does not know their birds its an extremely useful tool.

I am growing increasingly found of  bird photography, thanks to the recent purchase of a Nikor TC17MkII which makes my 70-200mm f/2.8 telephoto zoom a 119-340mm f4.8 telephoto zoom.

Needing a quick reference guide, I downloaded the demo version and soon purchased the paid version see https://brown-family.org.uk/?p=2177.

The one thing that was a shame, was how poor it looked on the iPad, it being a iPhone app and not built for the big screen.  While not a reference book it was a useful app and I hoped the developer would produce an iPad version for the UK.  I would have willingly paid for it.

Well this weekend an update came out.  iBird UK is now a Universal App and works and looks great on the iPad as well as the iPhone.

Highly searchable with photographs, drawings and links to flicker.  It can also can play you bird song to help in your identification as well as having a notes field which even allows you to add your gps co-ordinates from the phone.

So thanks guys, but how about a more in depth world version for the iPad?

Check out there website for more details – www.ibird.com

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