Is Film Over?

Kings Cross, Leica M4, Film HP5Plus
Kings Cross, Leica M4, Film HP5Plus

People are often surprised to find out that I still use film.

I sometimes shoot 35mm film on my Nikon FM2 and my Leica M4 for fun.

I shoot landscapes on my medium format Hasselblad and my Large Format 4 x 5 Ebony, both of which I still use film.

Its a bit like an artist using watercolour or oils to paint with, some artists use one, some the other and still some, both. As a photographer I mainly shoot digital but film for me has a place too.

While the selection of films is gradually reducing, film use is growing, and some film manufactures are increasing their production.

Today Kodak came out of Chapter 11, they are back in business. Film users are worried but I think there is still hope. We have to admit film now is always going to a small niche product and I am not hopeful for colour but I think Black & White has a bright future.

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