Leica Announcements – M and M-E

Well the hoped for Leica Compact System camera did not materialise, that will have to wait till next year, but we did get two new Leica M’s.

The rumoured M10 was actually the Leica M. A change for Leica in this being a CMOS sensor’ed model. At 24 MP and also with an optional EVF its a new direction for Leica M series cameras. Along side this they also announced a R series adapter. While I do not think this will make R series SLR users happy, it does give M users more options.  They have also added a handgrip which includes tethering options and a GPS, plus flash TTL flash  socket.

Leica M with EVF and R Series Adapter

A surprise announcement was the Leica M-E, this looks like a rebadged M9, it will be interesting looking at the details.  The M9 is a stunning CCD sensor’ed camera, its limitations was always the processing power of its electronics, if its just a rebadged M9 then the price will be the key.  If they have updated the electronics to make it a little more speedy then it would be worth the old M9 price.

No announcement to what will happen to the existing M9, I will certainly be looking out for some good deals.


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