My Queen

For many of us, in the UK, Canada and Australia, and the other Commonwealth realms she headed. She was the only head of state we have every known.

She was not known as a photographer, but often carried her little Leica with her on state visits. Documenting the many people and places she visited.

Whether you are a republican or monarchist we can say she dedicated her life to service.

Where I live she visited in 1978 where we got a glimpse of the queen. Years later I had the privilege of photographing her son the then Prince of Wales. There was a bunch of us photographers trying to get the image we wanted, and he knew exactly what to do so we got the photographs we wanted. Those slides are currently in the archive of our local paper.

The Queen will be missed, she served her people well and now that responsibility falls on her son.

Rest our Queen, and long live the King

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