Nikon D4 announced

So Nikon finally announced the D4 last week.

The comments from people are pretty much as I expected.  Professionals like it, a good blend of compromises to produce a good all round professional SLR.

Many negative comments as well.  Most being about the low megapixel count.  Only 16MP people cry, well many award winning photographs have been taken with old 2MP cameras!

Large sensor (full frame 35mm) and smaller number of photo sites brings many advantages.  Cleaner pixels, better low light performance.

For those bemoaning the low pixel count, how big do you want to print?

If your after printing bigger, or possibly more dynamic range then the 35mm SLR may not be the tool for you.  Most professional fashion photographers shoot Medium Format.  Landscape Photographers shoot Medium or Large Format.

The 35mm SLR is all about compromise, and this camera looks to be a great blend of compromises.  Once again with the excellent low light performance, this looks like a great camera for Sports, Wildlife, News and for Wedding Photographers who need to shoot indoors in buildings where flash is not allowed.  Also the new silent mode looks interesting.

My only only concern is the XQD slot.  I like Compact Flash.  Big cards when shooting outdoors in the cold with gloves on are a major advantage to those small easy to lose SD cards.  Will XQD take off, and how easy is it to handle with gloves on.

Will I be getting one?  No I don’t think so, I do not shoot  enough professionally to justify the cost, but I might be tempted to pick up a reduced price D3.

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