Nikon Z8? : The real D8xx mirrorless camera

With the announcement of the pro spec Z9, rumours abound about the Z8, the mirrorless version of D8xx line.

Bonnie taken with Nikon D800

The Z7 is good but it is a prosumer camera, missing a few things the D850 has, around memory banks and focus modes.

The question is going to be resolution. Everyone says it has to match or beat Sony’s latest 60MP wonder, we know they are testing 45MP sensors and in reality as we are talking area, 45MP is not much different to 60MP but if they release it as 45MP it will be seen on the internet as a failure. The Canon R5 is 45MP and for now I think that makes sense, but I feel Nikon will get a kicking if they go that route.

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