Nikon Z9 Announced

Nikon Z9

This is the camera Nikon users have been waiting for. The new Z9, for many this is another D3 moment. In all the key areas its either better or equals the opposition.

For those wanting a full frame Nikon mirrorless camera you now have a strong lineup of quality bodies.

  • The Z5, a great introduction to mirrorless, a little more plastic then metal in some areas but a good camera.
  • The Z6 great for video and stills, with its BSI sensor slightly better in low light then the Z5 and lower noise.
  • The Z7, while missing a few focus modes of the D850 this is a killer landscape and studio camera.
  • The Z9, a pro level body, all the benefits of mirrorless with the best bits of the D850, D6 and Z7 combined.

Despite what people claim there is nothing sub par about Nikon focus with their latest firmware and we now have a good range of bodies to choose from.

What about lens?

Well three interesting announcements. Two new lens and one coming soon. We have been hoping that Nikon would build out their f/4 zooms and we now have a good range.

We have the trinity of f/2.8 lens, the 14-24mm, 24-70mm and the 70-200mm. The f/4 range are now; 14-30mm, 24-70mm, a new 24-120mm and the odd one out a 100-400 f/4 to f/5.6.

So options for fast zooms and a good range of smaller lighter zooms, the 24-120mm f/4 in particular is of interest for people travelling and to be honest that and a quality 50mm and 85mm for in the studio would suit me well.

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