Not all memory cards are created equal

I have mentioned before that there is a lot of difference between different memory cards.

The SD cards, cheap but easy to break, and do fail on writes occasionally causing lost work. Note after you have downloaded the photos, and have backed them up, format the card in camera. Then before use format again. If the format takes longer then usually your likely to soon have issues.

CF cards use a different technology, are much more robust and are less likely to fail but still take precautions, and make a note of when you bought a card and how much it has been used. Refresh old cards, also it is often better to use a couple of smaller cards than one big card.

So the reason for this post is I see Delkin are about to release a new version of their Black series CFexpress card, which can write faster than a Nikon Z9 can write. So no more buffer issues if you like shooting at 20fps or more. I currently use Delkin Black CFexpress cards myself.

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