Photo of the Month – July (yes one from May again)

Leica M10
Leica Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH 6-Bit 
50mm, 1/350 Sec at f/3.5 (est),  ISO200
Post Processed in Adobe Lightroom CC (playing with the cloud version)

OK so I am cheating again and using one from the archives. Since May I have only work for customers that I cannot publish and have just had no time for personal work. Together with the fact I am way behind in my editing, not having a laptop that can do the job any more. So again another street shot from the archives.

This was a test looking at the difference in dynamic range from ISO 100 and ISO 200 in bright sun. The base ISO of the Leica is rumoured to be about 160, but only 100 and 200 ISO is available. Reports are that dynamic range is better at 200, so I have been shooting more of my work at 200 ISO to see and evaluate.

This was also an experiment in using Adobe Lightroom CC and not the full classic version. Being very familiar with Classic, I struggle a little with the interface but it can be useful for quick edits when using my wife’s laptop.

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