Photokina and Early Annoucements -Sony RX1

As seems to be the habit now, with less then a week to Photokina 2012, camera manufactures are falling over each other to preempt and pre-announce new products before the show.

It gets somewhat frustrating when manufactures promise something then it’s six months or more before we can get are hands on to test and judge for ourselves.

It’s one thing I really like about Apple, how often have we had a Apple announcement and the product is either available that day or within a few short weeks.

The biggest surprise so far has been Sony’s announcement of the new RX1, a full frame digital compact with a stunning Carl Zeiss 35mm f/2 lens. Great direct controls, even an aperture ring, the only thing missing looks to be a view finder.

Now if it had that, I am sure many Pros and keen amateurs would find a place for one in there camera bags.

A new full frame SLR and lots of new lens for NEX range was also announced.

Really looking forward to this show, and I have hopes or maybe dreams that Leica will produce something that I can afford, so I can use some of my old Leica Glass.

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