Pilates or Yoga

Thursday night is Pilates night for us.

I have to admit, I do prefer Yoga but unfortunately our gym did not offer that any more.

With running I find that even stretching well after each run, the legs do get very stiff. Doing Pilates or Yoga for an hour a week really helps you to keep supple.

But the gym telephoned us and cancelled, saying that Pilates would no longer be offered, after asking what it would be replaced with they said nothing, but they would be offering Yoga on Wednesday night.  Yes!  Result!

So tonight a quick tea and off to the gym for our first Yoga session in about three years.

Oh boy, do I ache now.  Never let anyone tell you Yoga is the easy option.  Three years of occasional Pilates has not really kept us as supple as I would have liked.  While the odd course taken with our old Yoga teacher has been fun its not been enough.  Looks like its going to be fun but hard work for the next few Wednesdays until we get back into it.

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