Please all the people all the time – Lens Manufacture

Jasmine in Red

Sony have been at the mirrorless game longer then anyone. People forget that there was few lens at the start. Nikon have started well and we are starting to see there plan.

Primes, S class f/1.2 second to none.

Primes S class f/1.8 also second to none.

Primes f/2 to f/2.8, not S glass, need to be stopped down a stop or two but still very high quality and very good value.

Then they have a selection of zooms, the f/2.8 trinity, the new f/4 range and a few cheaper options.

They have now released two macro lens, a S glass and a general version.

The big advantage is that all these lens are better them most of the opposition, generally cheaper but the key thing is the FTZ adapter. People are finding that the old Nikon F glass is actually working better on the Z bodies then it does on the F bodies.

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